10 Takeaways From The 2024 NCAA Indoor Track And Field Championships

Boston shows why it’s the indoor track capital of the world.

With all due respect to Glasgow and Albuquerque, Boston, MA is the best place in the world to run indoor track. It helps that it’s one of the only cities in the world with four world-class indoor facilities (plus a few other less-fancy ones), but this weekend really proved why Beantown is the place to be when it comes to running fast, jumping high, and throwing far in the winter.

Not only did the meet sell out a week in advance – when was the last time that happened? – but the confluence of the high school and collegiate nationals on the same weekend in the same city provided a double-win for NCAA coaches looking to recruit and high school athletes looking to be inspired. Hosting the meet in a major East Coast city is convenient for competitors and fans alike looking to make easy, affordable travel plans. Plus, there are few better places in the world to watch right now than the state-of-the-art TRACK at New Balance – and we’re not just saying that because we spent four days straight there.

One suggestion for next time: As Kyle Merber pointed out, the atmosphere was absolutely electric during the final day of the HS nationals, with pyrotechnics, blasting music, and in-stadium announcers hyping up the crowd. By comparison, NCAAs was a downright somber affair even with a packed house, with no music and frequent downtime between events to allow for TV commercials and interviews. There’s no reason the NCAA can’t incorporate some higher-energy elements into its meet format as well and give the athletes and in-person fans a good show.

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