13-Year-Old FASTEST Track Star | Future Olympic Gold Medalist?

13-year-old already has her eyes on becoming an Olympic gold medalist in . BRAND NEW


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  1. 6

    What an amazing young women she is. She is so humble and down to earth. Looking forward to see her in 3-4 years from now. Hopefully she keep her interest in track running.

  2. 12

    this is the life i want, everyday they wake up at 6 to do what they like and enjoy, we wake up everyday at 6 for school, to study, attend exams and back to more studying

  3. 15

    They couldn't compete. I won a πŸ₯‰ and awards in every sport and every year of school except the year my house burned down (10th grade year) and stayed on honor roll at the same time. We didn't salvage much from the fire. I try not to brag.

  4. 31

    Yea no week days off but you need atleast 2 or 1 day off to recover and heal and progress over time im also 13 and fastest 100 is 11.03 seconds and want to become a world champ Keep up the good work girl keep Grinding and Go Hard Sky Isnt the limit

  5. 35

    Sorry to be that guy but people are getting overhyped for a girl without crazy talent. Last year she was the number 100 freshman in texas in the 400m and number 94 in the 800. That would be one thing if she didn’t have any prior training, but clearly she has. I don’t know what type of parents it takes to keep pushing this impossible goa

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