Elaine Thompson is a Winner

Taking a brief walkthrough Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce is amazing: curry just underscores how incredible she is there. She has a great stats and stats are fine, but in sports we measure greatness by championships, one if she’s able to win here.

She will have more hundred meter credentials that even you sample, because you have as many gold medals as he does. What should have more world titles. She is tough to beat when the finals come around.

So we don’t just say there is a favorite. There are several and on that list is Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce is so you might on the Jamaican team and the defending gold medalist. She was on the third of the Jamaican trials, but her holds Stephen Francis has said she is in the best shape of her life.

She looked at in the semifinal round, so much is riding on this. Your legacy, your contract, everything you remember it as a sprinter by how you did in the Olympic final ten sixty two by the way is the Olympic record Tiana Daniels said earlier tonight.

I feel I can make the final and she most certainly did and she’s the only one without any Olympic experience for this price joined the three times. She’S sixties, it’s taken her five years to look like a sprinter that won the double five years ago in real, but she worked her way all the way back to the Olympic champion and put herself in very early companies.

Only four women ever gone back to back hundred meter goals is to make us for meter Olympic gold in a role this event since two thousand and eight and they sweep it for the first time since two thousand and eight in Beijing, hello, Joe’s thirty one year Record from nineteen ninety eight is ten.

Sixty two has just fallen into the hands of this lady here Jamaica’s garage, and I said it would take ten six to win ten six one. If you didn’t run ten six tonight, you know the top of the podium: Shelly Ann Fraser, Pryce, second cerita Jackson in third and poor Taulupe.

Once again, so we’re gonna get a little look at the Olympic record, set by Thompson. How raw Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce was in trouble early because she did not get her typical dry face. The stand up early, made sure this was not going to be close.

It was only third at the Jamaican trials. This is a huge rebound for her to not only come here and win but put away. The young lady, I think, is the greatest ever Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, and look at the expression look at the reaction from .

Her off. She knows what just went down. She knows what she just created. She joins Y. army at times, Gail Davis and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce to go back to back gold in the women’s one hundred and what a way to do it with an Olympic and national record at line Thompson Ron.

And if you look a little further down. Tiana Daniels of the U. S. finishes: seventh is Lois Johnson Lewis. How are you able to overcome some of the challenges to get back to the stage again to run what you did and break flo Jo’s Olympic record it’s at? At the same time, I think I’m a tough cookie I see are the backlash.

She said, that’s how it was meant to all. I can win a medal five years later. I’M here can I tell you what I’m really extremely happy, but I must say I think, standing here today about the younger generation more and enjoy more motivation to show that you can do it’s not much of what you can do with what motivation for that next Generation she comes from an area of Jamaica when there’s a lack of paved roads and running water.

She gives some hope to so many as she leads a sweep for Jamaica, gold, silver and bronze

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