Usain Bolt is a Winner

is 190 centimeters or 6 foot 4, a height usually considered too tall for a champion sprinter. It was thought that a shorter stride was best for optimal speed but sports scientists have discovered that more importantly, how fast a sprinter moves their legs, depends on the power in their stride.

An ordinary runner, applies an average of 250 kilos of force with each stride. Their foot is in contact with the ground 4.12 of a second. Olympic sprinters exert more than 1000 pounds of force at each stride. Their foot touching the ground for just .08th of a second.

takes fewer steps over 100 meters, which is 41 strides compared to rival Tyson Gay, who takes 45 strides over the same distance. But Bolt doesnt only take less strides, he uses the power in his strides to achieve record-breaking acceleration. 20 meters into a 100-meter sprint, Bolt is running at 25. Km/H.

not only holds the record for the fastest 10 meter split in history at .82 of a second, he achieves multiple time in a row in the same race. He hits his fastest speed at the 60 to 80 meter section of the race, reaching 44 kilometers per hour for a sprinter.


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