• Lesson learned I hope. If you talk shit and don't back it up. U get trashed. Let her actions do the talking. I been rolling with Jamaica for several years. They earned my respect. They keep quite and dominate.

  • Aggression is part of male nature, that's why men conquer countries, territories etc. Hence women who behave masculine do show more aggression than truly feminine women. Big Up O Duke

  • Oshay do a video about the current Caliphate in Nigeria. Oh I forgot you only exploit Black Americans.

  • Their rates are higher because they try and fight us.

  • Sounds Like Amber Heards past Relationships. Too Bad for You Sha'carri.. 😎

  • Women do know wrong so fuk em.

  • This chick is still in the headlines?

  • Man I'm late to the party i didn't realize that she liked girls

  • Oshay is a weirdo. What was the point of calling her a bum. She has only had 2 bad races during a stellar career goofy

  • Have had several lesbian friends over the years and they will tell you without a doubt, if they had a man/woman relationship before, their most abusive times has been more with being with other women than men.

    I've witnessed it and some of these women are way violent to their s.o. why- imo they think they are being a man.

    it's the same way for years alot of women who are known as butch in personality and appearance,thought by being fat, and over aggressive means you are replicating the characteristics of a male.

    I literally asked a couple of times that exactly question and that was the most common reply I got and it always use to make me laugh cause if you claim which alot of them do, you can't stand a male, why you want a person imitating the thing you hate or despise, especially their worst traits?

  • Remember the asian cop that shot and killed. her ex, because she moved on!
    Yeah, that one!

  • I can tell you from being a former Police Officer, that most of DV calls I got came from same sex couples. The stats do bare that DV happens at a higher rate amongst same sex relationships. People laughed at Tiger Woods when his ex-wife beat him with one of his own golf clubs, and demonized him for getting some ass because his wife refused to give him some. We also forget the many DV cases that happened amongst toxic women in same sex relationships. Brittney Griner beat her ex-wife and form teammate, Chamique Holdsclaw shot up her girlfriend and former teammate’s car in Atlanta, Riquna Williams beat her partner and was still allowed to play! In the same WNBA season, Natasha Howard beat her partner as well. This Babylon will even look past DV amongst gay couples, just to demonize the man.

  • She had her tossing all the salad! 🤣😂

  • This 💯facts !! The most toxic and inexplicable relationships are two overly emotional women. The lack of polarity just eats away at their relationship

  • These relationships have a lot violence going on in them a lot of times. Show me how black men are involved in this somehow. Give the world to women it will still be a big mess if not worse than it is today.

  • Ive been saying this for years!!!!! Always beef, they fight and cheat more and not until they get OLDER do they mellow out with the physical fighting and stay together not to finish life alone!! SR got played by that girl when she was emotional hurting about her mom! Like a volture!! If a man would have beat her up the whole world would have been on his head!!

  • Well,who's dumb enough to think lesbians don't abuse each other,i know a few,they cheat and do all the slick stuff women do with men

  • Oh lesbians big cat fighting their asses off bro. Tearing it down for real for real. Need I say anymore? Uncle steno dropping the mic.!

  • 2 unstable creatures trying to have an emotional relationship when both are highly and overly emotional – a recipe for disaster SMH

  • One day black men will stop valuing American black womens opinion. At this point a fart in the wind means more

  • Everyone's gay nowadays.

  • Eating coochie even for women has it's risks. These relationship are often violent

  • O God look at her I c y she is mad at men

  • Sha’Carri makes bad decisions…. Also being lesbian or bisexual damages the minds of the females who choose to give up their womanhood to be gay! I hope she begins to make better decisions!

  • The Lesbian thing is highly commonplace within the Female community. We Men need to stay sharp. Girls Night Out!! Yeah okay, just an excuse for some of these broads to engage with their "female friends" in an all out Lesbian Orgy, real sh#t. You think you got your girl on lock? Think again.

  • lesbians definitely beat women more often than men do by rate. they don't have the same consequences. they still have a woman's spite and are angrier.

  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study showed that female Lesbian couples had domestic violence incidents more often than heterosexual couples or gay male couples.

  • Been saying some of this for years… Abuse flows all directions. Proclivities for anger and violence have been there forever universally. 1 of my biggest issues with feminism was their idea of equality was blame everything wrong in the world on men while acting like how they saw men… It wasn't the equality I wanted. I have a very radical view I guess. I believe we are different but equal in worth, but unequal economically, socially, legally, and/or opportunity and it ain't always us getting shafted… Sometimes society is slow on evening the odds. Female killers exist, too, and I feel if someone is being assaulted, the gender of your attacker shouldn't void your right to protect yourself. Abuse should be nobody's prerogative toward anybody. 😒

  • Good argument, Oshay.

  • This some how the black man's fault🤨

  • To All The Black Men Who Are Listening 📣


    They Are Getting Worse & Worse…….
    You Deserve Happiness & Peace….
    #SYSBM #BlackWomenAreEvil
    #NotHealthy #ExploreYouOption

  • It's actually 40 pct higher than heterosexual rates.

  • Thanks thanks for talking always interesting topics…

  • In my anecdotal experience, every lesbian relationship I’ve personally been around was toxic AF. Ijs

  • The reason why women are allowed to perpetrate violence against each other because it is a way of keeping each other in check in case a women feels like having a relationship with a man. A guy women will fight tooth and nail to make sure her women doesn't go with a man.

  • It is not that men are more violent than women, it is that men can cause more harm when they are violent than women when they are violent.
    Now who gets violent more often??
    Based on these numbers the women get violent more often than men.
    And it makes sense because I see men have more tendency to control their anger or think more before using violence now I am talking normal men living normal lives, I am not talking men who are using violence on regular basis in their life, like gangsters, thugs and criminals, etc.

  • Nah these lesbians are clearly masculine

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