Loss At Pre Classic Still A Win For Sha'Carri Richardson

Kevin reacts to Sha’Carri Richardson’s runner up finish in the women’s 100m at the 2022 Prefontaine Classic. Become a member …



  • This is so exciting!!! Not since FloJo have I enjoyed track and field so much. Congrats to Sha'Carri, you've earned your comeback💝

  • Really and truly she didn't run second look at the photo finish Jackson got second that usa robbery

  • Where is the guy that said she would be 6/7th? Boy u were wrong. Anywho….go elaine and sha carri

  • I didn't get too excited she missed she missed the Olympics. Dumb rule of course, but not personally damaging to her career. If she keeps training, she is no where near her peak and she wasn't putting TH and mommy rocket in any jeopardy of missing a medal as seasons runners at their best. I'm sure it sucked for her, but, maybe she gets a chip and some mental toughness and grinds it out in the gym for a gold later.

  • Sha'Carri will be a gold metalist soon. I said it last year that, she is going to be the best in the world. Then many Americans are going to jump on the bandwagon. She just needs to work on her start. I wished that some America's greats like Tori Bowie, Carmelita Jetta and, Lolo Jones work with her on getting out the blocks faster.

  • The fact that she came 2nd to the Fastest Woman alive is a win

  • She wasn't supposed to be anything but first the way she can carry on shooting off at the mouth.

  • Of course she got the nod over the Jamaican
    What did you expect
    Haha shacarri was third 🤣 let's talk the truth

  • You judge an athlete by first their experience and then where they are on the potential scale, Sha Carrie is a new athlete compared to all those who''ve been in the game for at least 8 yrs on a professional level and to beat them and be right behind the fastest woman in the world? Smh, some people just hate and dislike a person so much that even the persons success they see as a failure, but it's not the reality, theirs maybe, but not the real reality, the girl was going through so much inside, suffering silently so she kept lashing out but untrained eyes, hearts and minds couldn't see that, all they saw was the bad in what she was exuding as oppose to seeing that she's hurting, but she's getting much better at handling the hurt and stresses in her life and I know she'll run even better in her next race cause her confidence is building, So you can hate her, dislike her, wish her bad or even speak ugly of her, she's still gonna keep rising

  • she's not supposed to be peeking like she was last yr, it was an olympic yr, the training cycle dictates up yr, down yr, olympic yr, world championship yr, this is her down yr

  • This girl won in more ways than one. It’s not about the first place. It’s about the progress she have made with only two races for the season. Also considering her opponent’s.

  • She ran a 10.9 early in the season. Sha Carri numbers will get better. She will hit her peak later and she will make the finals.. and team… Elaine ran a 10.5 last year. She won this race 10.7…. the bodies have to warm up and work into those numbers. As the season moves along the numbers will continue to drop and we will be amazed. Congrats to both women on the win. … now safp is a whole different thing… 10.6 already early in the season. She going for Elaine record and then Flo Jo. Either way ladies keep running. Keep ur head in the game!

  • SHE NEED P.E.Ds ….. she's at her plateau she won't get any faster

  • Thid must be the Richardson channel she came in third if you freeze the finish line the Jamaicans just broke the line before she did I don't know what's going on here but I'm not the only one who seen it.

  • Sha'Carri is by far the USA's best hope for a medal in the 100m at the WC.

  • I have to say the top 5 or 6 athletes looked in really, really good shape.

  • I knew she would do great. People really tried to take something out of the Jacksonville race lol

  • She's still so young at 22 performing so well! This is a great performance early on and she should peak right on time for the World Championships. The worse thing an athlete can do is peak too early and perform less than their peak when it really counts at the "big ones". She's is a sweet spot in her 2022 career and with surrounding herself with the likes of world reknown Justin Gatlin, a true champion and seasoned veteran who did it at the "big ones" she's in good company to not only be officially physically at her best, but more importantly, mentally prepared and mature to perform at her best when everything is on the line. I just pray that she's able to side step the drama that so often knocks on the door of high performers and tries to distract them and cause then to perform below their ability. This is her year to mature and show herself that she can get it done. I'm pulling and rooting for her!!!💜💛💜💛

  • AMM

    It was a good run against the rest of the world, but more of an indication of how poor everyone else looks, except Shelly-Ann and Elaine, who are in a class by themselves. I wonder what Hobbs and Brown could have done in this race. Also, in what universe is Elaine even possibly the greatest 100m sprinter of all time? Not sure Elaine is even top 5.

  • Smh why she got the nod over Shericka 🤔

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