Sha’carri Richardson May Dominate The Jamaicans Soon??||Wanda Diamond League,Prefontaine 2022

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  • Sorry but that shit ain't gonna u saw nothing ofcourse y'all will push our school girls are running faster than her

  • The question is, what are you smoking?


  • I'm not surprised. Sha Carri's personal best is 10. 72 over the 100 m I think so she's capable of running faster. But with Shelly and Elaine, she doesn't stand a chance once they maintain their form…. Moreover Jamaica has some promising female sprinters who are gonna rock the world like Bolt… 🌩 ⚡

  • I applaud your faith but I think you are reading a bit too much into this one performance by Richardson. At least wait until she has some actual victories and some decent times under her belt before making this kind of declaration. And as for Jamaican sprinters, they're not going anywhere any time soon. All things are possible but Richardson dominating Jamaicans? That one is a bit remote, I think. But, hey, we'll see!

  • Shacerie aint winning No jamaicans at World champs n i can bet oN that is like you guys dont understand jamaicans mentally with atlethics wE Will make you feel like you can beat us jus tO beat you oN the Right day plus wE have alot of Young 17 yr old coming tO replace the legends so domination oN THe ladies side gonna happen for a long while

  • She has one very great trait, she can pull a excuse out of her ass at a moment's notice. Fastest Alibi in the West

  • Keep dreaming ✨️ 😌

  • She only can beat the third and forth place Athletes from Jamaica and if you understand what is going on in the sprint factory we have a crop of young Athletes coming up now where she's not going to be able to dominate not in this lifetime 😪

  • She's still not 100% focused in my opinion. Seeing the outfit with the open boob area and the sexy poses before the race tells me her mind is a little more into her race, still not fully committed to her craft though. I think she would be amazing if she does fully focus. I don't know what position it would place her in but she would be better.

  • True true true trueeeeeee

  • God alone knows that . The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure
    The race is for everyone
    There is other upcoming athlete all over the world everyone deserve a chance. No put no bad mouth on anyone pray for them instead

  • True, because if you look at it Jamaica no longer has any male champion. Usain Bolt dominated and no other Jamaican male has been able to step in his shoes since. The same will happen for the ladies.

  • You have to remember that the Jamaican girls are going to retire soon and sha'carri is young. So she will definitely be on top soon.

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