Elaine Thompson-Herah Desperately Needs This.

Elaine Thompson-Herah Olympic 100m and 200m champion. Elaine Thompson-Herah fastest woman alive. #elainethompson …



  • I agree with most of what you said except the final assessment. Her past failures will not be baggage but more so create a deep burning humger for the title this year. I'm expecting the world record to go….

  • No matter how U all hype Elaine, Shelly et al., "the" surplus testerone will win them all. The CEO sports admn. must figure out a category for them. If trained as boxer, she.a knock a dude out.

  • Wow, I'm from Trinidad and I have been following Elaine since she won in 2016….but omg Jamaicans don't like Elaine at all. Everytime I read these comments comparing her with Shelly I cringe. I will be praying she wins everything she runs this season, the hate towards her too much mon. Elaine just needs to believe in herself.

  • I agree with you bro, Even the best will have a bad race. Good upload.

  • If someone is injure and not at their best how can they reach their full potential, unu stop put elaine and shelly against each other and go vlog about the crime and violence and promote love in ur country,a bet say a same way unu a go put Tina Clayton and Brianna lyston against each other,unu caah just say the two ladies are doing well and appreciate it,but no!!!kmt.

  • Sorry 😞 can't agree with you, take VCB for example, Drop the the Mike, DONE TALK

  • Elaine was not just injured they bottled Elaine so she could not be the first female triple, triple, like Usain.

    It is her grandmother that saw the foul play and pray her out.

    Is bottled they bottled Elaine but God command them to loose her and let her go.

    So the more you all curse Elaine, is the more God is going to add to her blessings.

    Elaine just need to stay humble, hide from the limelight, talk less, say nothing or less in interviews and God will do the rest.

  • If she performs at max on the day she'll win, she needs a great start and execution of race. We will be happy whether she or Shelly wins it none the less.

  • Who actually cares this woman ran a 10.54 and is the double Olympic champion in the 100 and 200 she has no need to prove herself in anything else at all anyone else who doesn’t understand how amazing she is it’s just a fu&$ing idiot

  • When is the world championships?

  • Bredren how can you even attempt this analysis, without mentioning the achilles injury that plagued her for years?? Secondly, have you noticed that Bolt is acclaimed for his Olympic achievements and his world records. Why do you think his success at the World Champs is hardly mentioned except for the world records? Try to be more balanced in your analysis. If I didn't know better I might think you have a personal grudge against Elaine!!

  • Why are you saying this when you know that Elaine Thompson Herah was injured for years.

  • Excellent post, and I completely agree! Truth is, Sha’Carri is a threat…she’s a HUGE threat! People can say she isn’t all she wants, but the truth is the truth. Also, Elaine would’ve definitely gotten the world title before she was injured…she was absolutely on fire, and ready to run 10.6 100% that year! Elaine has been my favorite female since she ran the 21.6 years ago, and I don’t see she as a SAFP replacement…I see her as just better. I adore SAFP, but I think training with her and having higher top speed has set a target on her back for Elaine to know how to beat her.

    Like VCB until 2012, the world title has been elusive for Elaine. There is no certainty she will win the 100M, given Sha’Carri has the same top
    Speed and SAFP sometimes gets the perfect start where folks cannot catch her, because she gets into their head. We know SAFP always has her head in the game. Elaine and Sha’Carri are usually amazing, but Sha’Carri has shown she can sometimes get distracted as well. So, pray they all stay healthy, and let’s prepare for an insane show between Elaine, ShaCarri, and SAFP!

  • Her issue then was physical injury.

  • I agree about the mind games. I noticed Shelly has started playing it by speaking of times like 10.5 n 10.4. She is seeking an edge.

  • You're right, it's easier said than done. Shelly hates to lose and being that she made a few statements, she's going to try and defend her title. To win, Elaine need to have an excellent start. She need to focus on the race and not the record. If she makes any mistakes, both Shelly and Sherika are going to be right there to take advantage of it.
    She also need to prove the Stephen Francis crowd wrong. Anything less than first, they are going to say it's because she left MVP, which may or may not be the case, but doubters are not easily silenced.
    She also need to win to solidify her status as the GOAT. A win against the presumable GOAT Shelly would prove to her doubters that she's indeed the GOAT.
    Breaking the record while beating out the current champion should silence her detractors once and forever.
    Failing to win the championship would make her a laughing stock for an unforgivable duration.
    personally, I'm just hoping that a Jamaican break that record. Eugene is the best chance to get it done and we have two people that potentially can do so.

  • She is 100% gonna wiin 200
    100 will be tougher

  • something tells me this is going to be Sha'carri's year!!! I think she will finally run a legal 10.6-10.5 and at least medal if not win the World Champs !! Elaine cant put two great seasons together back to back and Shelly Ann is getting older highly unlikely she can run faster than she did last year😇

  • The only thing Dr. Thompson Herah is missing is: the unwavering and incontrovertible love and support from her compatriots!

    I have no problem when outsiders slight, criticize and disparage her! However, it's inconceivable that this sort of negativity would be home grown!

    Where the Sam Hell is this coming from? What motivates us to cannibalize our strongest and brightest athletes?And what would/could justify this sort of shenanigans?

    Before the Olympics in Tokyo, question about her mental capacity and well being lingered! I thought she answered all that nonsense by successfully defending her Olympic titles, then going on to unleash speed unknown to womankind in Eugene!

    Now here we go again! Another not so reputable vlogger is espousing baseless arguments questioning our good Dr.Thompson Herah's mental state!!

    Are you not aware that your negativity could affect the performance of Dr Thompson? Don't you realize that she'd be better served if wi just love, support and believe in ar???

  • R M

    I not hearing anybody mentioning kambundji… She could upset everybody party

  • And please remember that she was injury for a very long time as well

  • 🙏 I pray Elaine wins a world championship this year

  • 👍👍👍🥰🙏🙏💞

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