Sha Carri Richardson ready to (DETHRONE )Jamaicans sprinter Elaine Thompson and Shericka Jackson!

shacarririchardson #elainethompson #athletics Sha Carri Richardson believe she can make and upset at Eugene Oregon against …



  • At this point I'd agree with you.Thompson Hera overmatches Sha'Carri;BUT sometimes a sting or shock like that can steel an athlete and make them more resolved to come back faster and stronger than ever before.If you wanna beat the best you gotta face them down and keep battling.

  • Action speaks loader than words 🤔

  • It's a microcosm of America in itself Jamaica small island nation America giant world leader,, but yet the track and field results do not reflect that in any way or shape or form,, I remember when we were the champs and we had Evelyn Ashford,, if it was not for Allison Felix and Gabby Thomas,, are women spent department would be in the unemployment line

  • After the fact; You're right ETH smoked the field in Oregon, yet SR managed to place 2nd just ahead of SJ which is a surprise for You and beat your predictions for her. So be careful about underestimating competition in sports because that's a real reason why we watch because of it's unpredictability. Peace

  • EXCELLENT acceleration. Babes top end speed was better with the low arm swing. But what shes doing out the blocks on these pics is nasty.

  • Don’t forget the other young Jamaicans coming on the scene like the Clayton Twins and others. They are a force to be reckoned with😮

  • Not running a 11. something Elaine is running a 10. something. I run track and was good I never talked about who, what or how, I just did it. Never boast.

  • Please show the entire race

  • I think those girls from Jamaica r great runners but we have to respect Richardson she's young and have a dream like we all and if she want be one the best one day she will: )

  • Crack head Richardson should not be talking, she should be quiet until the race

  • I believe commentators, often, do more damage than good to athletes reputations. Regardless of an athletes attitude or behavior towards other competitors, the fact remains – the best person will win. Its important that commentators remain impartial or get off the mic. SIMPLE.

  • Fast lane Elaine Thompson is in a no playing mood for 2022 .

  • She ran 1 race with some slow time trackers and everyone talking she got lots and lots of work to do to proof herself

  • You people joking… she cannot beat the 1 2 3 nor the she has to deal with Talu AND KUBUJI

  • Not a chance!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆.. She will be humbled again

  • I'm soooo sick of yall Jamaicans making these lame ass videos trying to down sha'carri, SHE HAS TO BE A THREAT, BECAUSE IF NOT SHE WOULDN'T STAY ON YALLS MIND OR IN YALLS MOUTHS 24/7,,YALL GOT TO SLEEP ITS SHA'CARRI, YALL WAKE UP ITS SHA'CARRI ALL THE DAMN DAY LONG ITS SHA'CARRI,,,,DAMN WHAT IS IT? I THINK ITS the fear of what's to come,,🤔

  • Dude you are bias AF. Shelly and Ellaine are wonderful sprinters and champions not to be compared to upstarts to the sport. Young lions are always on the horizon for any champion. We all know what happens to old lions.

  • She WILL overthrow the little Island Jamaicans. They should test ALL of the little Island Jamaicans BEFORE every run. It is a well- known fact that steroids and other Performance Enhancing Drugs are used on that little island. Their oversight of illegal drugs in track is very, very weak. FACTS.

  • Shacarri is DELUSIONAL if she thinks that she will "de-throne" the Jamaicans! p.s. I'm an American man

  • I'm not gonna say what a person won't or can't do especially some one with her very very very God given freakish speed 👌🏼; I will go so far to say that if she had not got so far off track last year with her band from running at the "Olympics", all I can honestly say is, she just might have been one of the top 3 on that Olympic stand 👌🏼; we will never know now, but for some strange reason if she is bold enough to come back to the very place she was sooooooo very much emotionally embarrassed 😳, think the nay sayers had better think again counting her out, cause for me, I'm not gonna ride with her on this one, cause she's not dealing with great college kids any longer, she's dealing with 👉 🌎 class 👉Jamaican 🐎👉👉stallions who have raced & won the big one's, so at this point its not about times at this level, but it's who can you beat at this level, & until "Sha-Sha" proves her metal to me at this stage of the biggest game of all, I'll just sit back & enjoy the race either way, but knowing way down inside she has the potential to come forth, but the real question is can she, & will she at this time be ready for all comers, only time will tell the final tale. Hm🐎🌎🙊🙄🙉🐎🙈🤔? Amen 🙏!!!

  • Sha carri, a young immature women the only ones loving this show are spectators from the stands, and social platforms mostly jamaican. Athletes recognize other greats, Sha carri hasn't accomplished anything on the international level yet

  • Shacarri is extremely overrated

  • All the sprinters are good enough to place 2nd to last except Elaine, she will be Top 3

  • You are not ready not even for the Jamaican high school girls so how is it you ready for Elaine Shelly shericka and others you are a JOKE .

  • She neva ready fi di rasta gal weh beat har up

  • You people pay that lady too much attention.What big event did she make her name in.. Do you notice that only she alone "labba-labbaing"''' her mouth and the Jamaicans performing on the track.

  • If I'm a betti man I say she will come in fourth. But I'm not so she'll be 5th.

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