***Yes I Believe Sha'Carri Can Win The WC And Here’s Why?!!! #track #comedy #track

Since yall still want my take here it is!!!



  • Loool you said the same thing about Bolt coming to America… and he came to your back yard and smacked all the American sprinters on their *home turf*. Cheers Ray. At least your enthusiastic 😂😂

  • I might be mad.. But looking at the video over and over even pausing it.. To me looks like your girl got 3rd..Jackson got her… I have screenshot

  • You been drinking again, Rae?

  • Good unbiased analysis Rae. I think if everyone takes a step back and listen to the unemotional facts you present they'll agree with you that Sha'Carri does have the potential to cause an upset at this year's WC.

  • You’re speaking straight facts. Shacarri is clearly still loaded. We see how well SAFP and Elaine peak after running slow times early due to being loaded. My entire thought this entire year is not that Sha’Carri isn’t taking this seriously; I think she’s taking it EXTREMELY seriously by trusting the process, and taking a note from the Jamaicans playbook! Oh, she damn well can win…you’d best believe it! Had she hit that same gear as Elaine, she would’ve won the Prefontaine. Her start is more than good enough, she looks very strong, and as you stated, she wasn’t clicking at all…just running on pure strength. When I saw this race, I immediately thought Sha’Carri is even more of a threat than I’d initially believed.

  • I’m glad you mentioned her quads, arms, and traps because this is definitely new and she looks damn good. I will not be surprised at her hitting 10.5 this year

  • I’m glad you mentioned her quads, arms, and traps because this is definitely new and she looks damn good. I will not be surprised at her hitting 10.5 this year

  • I read an article where Sebastian Coe said the top athletes will no longer be protected when it comes to drug testing. So yes people it’s a thing.

  • Rae after watching this race I see ya point. She didn't have this pop(sonic like bounding)…But she now appears to be stronger and better out of the blocks. Thanks for the recap… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk9G5FTWfks

  • I agree see a lot of people are not looking at SR talent and how natural good she is………they are not looking at it from a coaches point of view, I have been coaching for a long time and when you coach so many athletes over the years you recognize real talent when you see it,

  • If the give elaine them money to loose! Its all garbage and distraction for what about to happen to y'all humans

  • The thing is…WC finals will have different females from Prefon and Olymp

  • Not just half but top half.

  • People trip me out its all a scam!

  • She had the best start out of all her races… That start combined with her top-end speed from last year USA trials… Then Gartlin might be telling the truth.

    My two cents

  • Ray why haven't u say that if Elaine is running 10.7 on one leg she has the potential to hit her previous heights when she's back to her normalcy

  • Then if meet organizers are crooked enough to pay an athlete to lie, don't that mean that Drugstin Judas Gatlin words don't mean Jack???

    And don't that mean his mentee/training buddy might have been guilty of something more egregious than a simple ganja violation???
    I'm not too bright, so maybe one of my learned American friends can explain to me?!
    Drug cheats, Liars, High Crimes, and Misdemeanors Defined

  • I get what you saying but gonna wait till after both the Jamaican n USA trials before I come at you reckless

  • For us ol schoolers, this is a repeat of when Sheron Stewart n Shelly 2009 when nobody believe that Carmelita Jeter could do it and bam boom bam boom bam Carmelita Jeter 1st came in 3rd but went on to break Shelly n Kerron record after getting Bronze 🥉 then beatin all Jamaica over again and again for atleast 3 straight years back to back… With great coaches focus and determination nothing is possible

  • Shacarri will not get a medal!

  • She is not good at alll.

  • The only way she can win. If the jamaican ladies not running. Lol

  • Well Ray, I totally agree with you even though my logic is a little different. Everything you're saying I truly believe but I want to add that the reason I believe is that Sha'Carri has that something that a lot of people or track athletes don't have. She hates to lose. If you know her history, she rarely loses twice in big meets, all the way from high school. She always come back stronger the second time around, she is a very prideful person and I believe that in her mind she has something to prove and based on her history she's going to try to make a point that she believes she is That Girl!!… That's just my take on it in my opinion.

  • Let's go!!! Shacarri beating Sherika head up was huge!!

  • Aye Rae just know the Jamaican dominance will continue……full stop…..end of argument…..n know it will be 123 again…..

  • I also wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to just do my own commentary as well as analyze track and field you really opened my eyes until the track and field World especially analyzing athletes so I am going to predict what you just said about who's going to be meddling at the world championship

  • Hey Raes I completely agree from what you have told before you have never lied to us especially from last year because I was really paying attention at the Olympics I also cover track and field on my channel but not as big as yours I make some small predictions whenever you have time you could check out some of my videos and let me know what you think I'm following your lead

  • I can see her medaling fasho

  • If That Gurl does the unthinkable (Justin Gatlin talked about it) this year the track and field world would not and could not handle the truth. Hell, a lot of them still can't handle Flo-Jo doing it.

  • Rae talking that talk today 😅

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