***A Win For Sha'Carri at Pre?! CC falls to Bromell!! 43.6!!! College Track!! #trap #track #comedy

It’s the weekend wrap up!!!!



  • Ali

    Rae… Coleman has proved you wrong every single time. You said 6.6 and he ran 6.4. You said he was going to open with 10.2 and he ran 10.0.. This is a guy who is clutch. He has won a medal at every championship..oh Gold or silver never a bronze.. You cant bet against that

  • How can’t you compare 2 100m runners?

  • Ross isn’t touching 43.5 this year

  • CC won't run fast now give him some time 2 years in no joke man his rusty give him a year or 2 he will run 9.70-9.6 but for now he just gotta keep improving

  • Richardson, will not go far. Too much jamaican ladys is coming up. And u can take that to the bank

  • Richardson,can warm the track for the jamaican ladys. Because she is not going to win. In hell

  • Lmao…Rae gotta stop sleeping on CC…Elaine finished behind SAFP and Shericka at trials last year in the 200, and finished behind SAFP in the 100. But she came back to the Olympics and won! Finishing 3rd behind anybody few weeks before championships doesn't matter! CC will be ready by worlds.

  • Elaine is in heavy training last week she ran a 100 heats and final and the 200m 25 minutes later. Keep sleeping on her, I hope you stand by your word. The facts is in front of y’all

  • Micheal Norman can win 400m and beat Steven Gardner!

  • Rae how does Andre stay on your big board no matter what because he comes through clutch but CC doesn't.. He's never finished worse than 2nd in a championships as a pro athlete 😂😂

  • Rae took more caps than tracknews

  • you all should get coastal carolina’a coach on the show. showed up to regionals w 5 girls and all girls made it to nationals in multiple events + the relay. don’t know many other D1 coaches that did that

  • I’m a business graduate and Shacarri marketing is brilliant whether you like it or not. Even if she didn’t do it purposely, this is great for the sport. Had she not been in last years pre A LOT or people wouldn’t have even seen that 10.54 Elaine ran. Would Elaine still had run 10.5? This is sports she should be able to talk her talk regardless. I don’t like when people only have that energy when your UP. Shacarri energy is the always the same.

  • SAFP will win the World Championship

  • This 43.6 by Norman really looked like the old Norman, I'm not sure what happened last season but he looks good right now, and people forget he is still only 24. I think he just took some time to get used to the professional circuit, COVID didn't help, and now he's finally rediscovered his stride.

  • Good show…I agree that wardrobe malfunction can be a distraction to running your best when it counts. H/E I disagree w/ your assessment about CC…He's capable but is rusty on his racing IQ…When pressed, he tightens up & falls apart…Once CC gets used to racing at the highest levels again, he'll be a force to reckon with…😂

  • Can we give Sha ‘Carri’s outfit a HOT A+, RESPECTFULLY ?!🚀❤️👀

  • Love the hats nothing else needs to be said !!!

  • “She’s every negative stereotype”…and y’all didn’t check him?

    Coach Lamont has a very aggressive and unnecessary approach when it comes to talking about Sha’Carri. He’s rude and dismissive, so of course people are gonna feel like he’s hating on her.

  • This is dope, I’ll def be tuned in from now on

  • Write off Lamont and he'll pull another Oceans on your behinds. Last year he showed up at the Olympics with a 9.95.

  • This discussion is fun and entertaining. I like it 👍

  • I agree with Coach. Coleman just needs to be ready to go on whatever day the 100m heats start at Worlds. He has more time to get it together compared to other US 100m sprinters who either need to match or better their PR next month to make the team.

    With all of that being said, if he doesn’t finish top 3 at worlds, I won’t be surprised at all. Excluding him I can think of are at least 5 guys that will likely medal. One or two of them may pop something big or it’ll be a blanket finish, where the timers will need to go into the thousandths to determine the podium.

  • I don’t appreciate the disrespect of me going to Kentucky and choosing to leave d2 to go d1. Having the innuendo that I’m not going to have success with going to the SEC and choosing d1 is crazy to me. I want to thank you for giving me coverage and some support. But I’m going to prove you wrong and thrive in the SEC

  • My gmom is in love with Sha'Carri…. she says she reminds her of flo jo and gail

  • @1:32.12 I agree with rae because ETH been training since December and SR just started training in March

  • @1:10.36 look at SAFP she’s 35 and her time is faster now than it was 10 years ago

  • Prefontaine Classic 2022 results
    Men’s 100m
    Final, Wind: -0.2
    1 Trayvon BROMELL USA 9.93
    2 Fred KERLEY USA 9.98
    3 Christian COLEMAN USA 10.04
    4 Noah LYLES USA 10.05
    5 Letsile TEBOGO BOT 10.12
    6 Erriyon KNIGHTON USA 10.14
    7 Kyree KING USA 10.16
    8 Kenneth BEDNAREK USA 10.18
    9 Andre DE GRASSE CAN 10.21

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