Elaine Thompson-Herah wins the Eugene running 10.79. DONATE/SUPPORT US CashApp: …



  • She destroyed everyone but these Jamaican clowns are obsessed with Shacarri and this was her SECOND time back at an event this season and beat a stacked field except for one.

  • I've searched through y'all video and there's no video about Dina Asher Smith destroys Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce at Gateshead diamond league in 2021 ,why is that ?

  • Jesus I'm crying right now T&T did you guys hear that the world track and field body has not ratified the world record set by Bri Tia Tina and serena? What could have caused our own anti doping agency not to have tested the girls and ultimately cost them the validity of their record? I'm hoping mad RN

  • You know what y'all hate on Sha'carri so hard…Sha'carri keep doing ya thing girl..and forget these haters

  • Chile the Yankees says Shacarrie will win lols

  • Black people hating on each other again… nothing to see here.

  • Elaine did not destroy anyone. She just won the race. She spoke well of Sha'Carri and Sha'Carri hugged her. Stop with the hate.

  • Well, Nairobi is 5000 ft above sea level. Air much thinner so athletes run faster.

  • She Destroyed Brianna Not Shacarri

  • I know my comments are going to cause an uproar. Proud of Shacarri accomplishments today hopefully she can put it together for the US championships and Worlds Championship. Today Shacarri came third, after they did the laser photo finish but it was to late to reverse the placing. That jamaican girl Shericka Jackson came back and touch the line with her upbody first as they always do with track and field I know the USTA is trying their best to give Shacarri the benefit of the doubt. Anyone that knows track knows what I am talking about. Eugene Diamond League Commitee was adulterous with that decision for sure.

  • Remember Shelly 10:6 was at high altitude

  • Ladies well said. Congratulations to Elaine Thompson-Herah.

    T, I am going to get you a hi-definition camera (2K) and up. 🙂

  • Elaine didn't decimate or destroy shacarri….I dnt if Elaine ever remember tht shacarri was in the race….shacarri hasn't done anything in track yet of note tht eliane ahud take note of her in a race or be concerned abt her…..the level tht Elaine is on rite now wen she runs its her against the clock ….or if Shelly is in the race she mite take a small note then…..but no one else even catches her attention ….

  • I love your comments about Elaine ; factual and realistic. Your comments about atheletes are generally sound. Keep up the good trend

  • Ese atuendo me vuelve loco gisellee.monster loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantay cómo los cinturones de liga se.

  • Hi Ladies
    It was a good run by Elaine and she is slowly getting into shape and we will peek at the right time and I must say that Richardson ran good too.
    I think that finals at world championships will be even more exciting and I can’t wait

  • Destroyed her? ???? Listen ladies Richardson just went from 11.27 to a 10.92 in her second race . Regardless of how you feel she is coming.

  • Congratulations Elaine ❤ she is a leuge of her own
    sorry Bree

  • She didn't destroy her at all stop the drama please, this is "Sha-Sha's" 2nd official race since that embarrassing 8th place some time ago, now she appears to be on track 👣 once more with that 10;9:2 👌🏼; so let's not get to carried away just yet ladies, cause the hunt has actually just began👌🏼.Hm😳😂🤣😅😆😃😂🤔? Amen 🙏!!!

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