What Thompson-Herah says about Sha'Carri

Jamaican Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah has come out swinging in defense of her sprint rival ShaCarri Richardson …



  • D J

    Shacarri and Elaine make things heat up now because both now are comfortable with each other and are happy for each other . Now Shelly and shericka is good friends And not a favorite of Shacarri and Elaine . What this means . ONE PIECE OF WAR IN OREGON TRUST ME Elaine is gonna pull Shacarri with her

  • "She's a good athlete ' is a backhanded compliment. When Sha'Carri take over the sport on the.track.this.year.nobody.is.going.to hear any more fake good will.from.Elaine.

  • Defend what? She did what any decent human should do.

  • Thompson Hera is behaving like a real champion in showing her support for a young upcoming athlete. I CV consider that gesture to be what it means to be a champion. I think it will boost Chakari a whole lot.

  • Not a fan of Shacarri but how many more times must she be used as click bait, so many Jamaicans participated in Eugene on Saturday but somehow the first video on this Chanel is about shacarri smh, track and field has become one big mess and A lot of you track channels encouraged it

  • After all that big chat, and bullying of her fellow competitors now she is a victim!!

  • She is a young girl. I agree people should give her time to grow.

  • Defend her from what?

  • You know what you guys media is just like the media with the causing everybody to walk around with fear but you're putting so much pride into our athletes that they become like enemies to one another and I don't think that should be if it's a game and we make a game becomes wicked and evil we become worshipers of it to the media cause people to come against each other to fight physically and lose their stamina instead of being humble they become arrogant and prideful toward one another and this is why we lose the game because people lift up and idolize somebody that shouldn't be God should be first place the Holy Spirit should be first place in every athlete's life because he was in me when I was a track runner and I'm 66 years old this is a mess total mess track and field is nothing like it used to be nothing at all this has become the media putting things in people's head about other people and then not being able to be who they really are but overhearding themselves over exercising causing them to pull up muscles and not making the games at all media is nothing but Jezebel spirits evil deception spirit brainwashing other people's minds the word of God says cast down vain imagination in every high thing that exhort itself against the knowledge of God the weapons of our warfare are not carnival mighty to God to the pulling down the strongholds just food for thought SHALOM 🕊️🔥🔥🔥🕊️🕊️

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