• Great commentary
    I'm a fan of track and field football and cricket. It would be nice if you could touch on some cricket some times. Even if a cuss you a cuss dem

  • I feel gutted to loose that CL final. But we can come again . Liverpool 4life YNWA

  • yeah man you get it right again, like you not fan of the yanks track team.

  • Oral what is your take on sadio man's leaving Liverpool?Don't you think is in his best interest if he stay.i think it's a bad move if he goes

  • As a Manu fan I cheered Liverpool for the final because I wanted the cup to come back to England and wanted justice for the last time they clashed and the Ramos foul on Salah.

  • Haha Manchester United to the world

  • crime and violence has to cease

  • And you'll never walk alone
    Mental dexterity or strength wins games
    Madrid were very resilient
    Why we dont have one of our top managers manage the National team ?
    We train our own Athletes to world levels
    why not football. Vin Blaine made the women look solid before dem run im

  • Thought it was me alone see say she run third. Even the photo say she ran third athe slow mo replay clearly showing Shericka breaking the tape ahead of Saccari but so it go. Liverpool won for me even though they lost. They played way better football, just sad they couldn't score. Shelly looking awesome Elaine look good as well.

  • Sha'carri serve notice sey she nuh dun yet, she juss a come.I'm sure she will take away some amount of confidence from second place to fine tune her next preparation and who knows…..well things and time will tell!!!

  • We not no man city fan but we jus dnt like livefool , and Madrid is not a English team so we can support them

  • as a Chelsea fan. I was rolling my eyes with every save that fraud keeper made 🙄 cut mi eye to rass

  • Maverick U mug BIG,😂😂😂 okay I gonna subscribe

  • Congrats to Elaine but that's not the World Lead. The world leading time is 10.67 by Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce. Also, by the photo finish Shericka seems to win but we haven't seen the other angle so maybe from the other angle close to the feild Sha'Carri probably got the edge seeing that she have a bigger bust than Shericka. With that said, Shericka don't like to dip and since this season she has being edge out of winning or placing good because of she not dipping. The next thing, I think Brianna Williams legs was loaded. There are still improvement for everyone. They are all playing a mind game right now.

  • Wondering what Justin Gatlin meant, that Richardson was running 10.3 – 10.5… How is that possible, unless she was juicing? Watch out!!! Hahaha…

  • I think she is a Asafa gurl. 😉.

  • Yea maverick… I think Liverpool need a next serious defender and the reason I said that ….if you cannot score… Don't let nobody score on you either… But on a serious note me boss look in to it for yourself😎🇯🇲

  • Yess I liverpool forever 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️

  • 👁👁 oh my my Jamaica🇯🇲 look at that the one-time Sha'carri Richardson came to Jamaica and eat yum/ cassava/ and banana she miraculously improve.. "OMG" .. congratulation to her and second place Improvement and I certainly believe from this day forward she will be visiting Jamaica on a regular basic now😁😄🤗 because that is where she find her power pack 😁😄🤗😎 .. congratulation Sha'carri Richardson stay focused and do your thing little Ma 🇯🇲💕🇺🇸👏🏻🙏🏾🙏👍🏻😁😄🤗

  • Jerome Foster on the Roster sounded utterly elated last night as he reported on Real Madrid's victory over Liverpool. I could just see his face.
    Maverick, big up yu nice, clean self. You'll never walk alone. We're coming back better…count on that.

  • Brianna Williams drop off yuh radar, bossy?

  • Shericka will be fine last year she was no way near 10.9 in May but she did it at trials n repeat further down. Different year but I think she will be ok.

  • What happened to Sala in next season's starting lineup:

  • Maverick I heard Shelly in her pre interview on Thursday saying that she will be doubling at trials, she is up to something bcuz she already have that automatic 100m spot . Is it that she sense the 100m world record can be challenged at the trials?🤔

  • Do you think Briana needs a new coach. I think she should be runner faster by now.

  • Happy for R Ms Marcello. Happy for Elaine. Both her and Shelly Ann are dodging each other. Or they both finding a path for them both to share the minor podiums to gain excitement at the big show down. Cha Chin!!!

  • BIASED OPINION AS USUAL!! Obvious that your choice is Elaine yet you criticized the " Jamaican " woman who said " no nooo" when Elaine ran past shelly. How can you refer to the GOAT as merely " another Jamaican" and claimed that Elaine's 10:79 is " world lead" when Shelly did a 10:67. REALLY MAVERICK????
    Oh you can remove rhis comment too!!!

  • i was not surprised of Shacarri because I kow she is good!

  • I think Shelly is trying not to show too much for this time, likewise, Elaine, but I also believe Shericka has a lot more than she's been putting out. Incidentally, I am happy to see Sha'Carri doing her thing.

  • Will neva change. Red Devils fi life. If you remember who I am Duthie from Washington. But good match from Liverpool though. And great season too.

  • All game man of the mache FC Liverpool 100000000000%%👌👌👌

  • Shacari look sluggish too, still need refining. Only her 2nd race. If Jacko nuh sharpen up she might get sweep after the podium. Plus shacari ago say she only got the olympic bronze because she she wasnt there

  • Real Madrid courtesy of Thibaut Courtois!!!

  • I do not look at any time that run at Haywood field. that field always produce time that most athletes cannot replicate in Europe or the Caribbean. American Athletes love run on that track when they want to boost their time . Anyhow its a good field for the World games as it would be the spot to take down the fake 100m world record. Elaine or Shelly should be able to get that record this summer.
    As far as Justin Gatlin allegedly lying about Sha Carri Run 10.3 seconds over 100m. Then he come back and saying it is hand time at training. Now listen people, Sha Carri can find a track with official time at any hour of the day in America with electronic time and see her true time. She is the biggest name in USA female sprinters and she is sponsor by Nike. So all that garbage from Justin Gatlin is embarrassing on his part. what that do now is 100% convince me that he was also lying that he did not know how he tested positive. I now say he should had been band for life. This guy has no shame and they never learn from their actions. He was allowed to go on and make money. An athlete from any other country who tested positive multiple times would be band for life. allegedly

  • I was if Sha'carrie take a like dope…I am just Saying .lol


  • Mi a met on shelly from now and what I see she still never let loose fully in any of her previous race she is a real champion real

  • SALAH SALT yesterday a no Liverpool day yesterday…jah know….vex esi…a so it go still

  • Sha’Carri come third mi mi nuh blind

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