Elaine Thompson Herah SIZZLES In Epic Race @ Prefontaine Diamond League

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  • Continue to march on Elaine as I think you will win the sprint double at the World Championship

  • The shocker was Briana Williams❗

  • I thought she said she was "injured".

  • Coach do you think one of our young gunz might take briana williams spot national trials this year?? Like the kevonas and lyston of this world

  • Shacari done far less race than shericka . Shericka open long time and should be high 8 or 9 flat by now

  • I don't expect much at this time in the season. Most of the Top athletes are really trying to sharpen up for their respective trials, etc. So no one's going to run all out. I think Sha'Carri is back in some ways. I hope she gets to 10:72s form soon 'cause I think if she does, that world record will be under threat from any of the top ladies. Elaine looked easy, like she was testing her form. I can't wait for Worlds.

  • Yeah, she looked very decent today and that is the time an athlete with a PB of 10:54 should be running with ease. So I will keep telling her die-hard fans, that all the fairytales of "it's too early in the season", it is not yet peak time", and "it is a championship year, she can't risk injury" are just all blah, blah, blah tories. I know for sure, that today they are very ecstatic to have seen her pulling of time and performance.

  • Shakira take some drugs

  • I am not going to lie. Sha'carri impressed me with that second place. As for Brianna, finishing down the tack, she definitely needs to move on from Ato.

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