I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse… || Sha'Carri Richardson VS. Marie Josee Ta Lou

Huge shout out to World News for the great footage of Sha’Carri in the 100 !
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This new trend needs to stop

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27 thoughts on “I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse… || Sha'Carri Richardson VS. Marie Josee Ta Lou

  1. They probably don’t want to have a show-down before worlds. Everyone wants to keep each other anticipating and get into each others head for the big build up at worlds.

  2. Did exactly what she's supposed to do…. Her camp needs to conserve her energy and strength for Nationals and World's, and they did that. They're trying to put her in the best possible outcomes to succeed in August, and they're doing that.

    I hoped for this conserved level of racing this year, luckily it's going accordingly

  3. Too many You Tube rags put their fantasies online! Actually, speculation and lies plague the world. Why add to the electronic mess? What business that's going on ain't no business but Sha' Carri's and Josee's. Why slander them to add to the trash produced by amateur so-called experts (some cannot even handle their own business). The performers know their bodies and needs better then any gossipers who must post undocumented and unsolicited drama to validate their scams.

  4. i think they should not do rounds in the regular season. If that was the main event, do not pack the field with 20 people. Just line up 8 people.

  5. Running all these meets and putting dwn all these fast times isn't good for ur Body….thts y Shelly n ETH n even Bolt hand pick a few races…n ran into form

  6. Sure nuff Richardson's attitude has toned down a bit but there's still a load of ugly arrogant disposition. Looking at many other successful athletes like Sidney, Allison, Shelly Anne etc, i see Beauty with Power, friendlyness, warmth & joy. I hope her spirit heals.

  7. Exactly, it's all about worlds, and sprinters are the ultimate prima donnas. I'm not complaining about that, though, as long as they continue boggling minds on the biggest stages.

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