Men's 100m – 2021 NCAA track and field championship

LSU’s won this highly anticipated at the 2021 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship in Eugene, Oregon. Houston’s Shaun Maswanganyi was second. Georgia freshman ran 10.19 and finished 6th.

1. 10.05
2. Shaun MASWANGANYI 10.09
3. Micah WILLIAMS 10.11
4. JoVaughn MARTIN 10.12
5. Davonte BURNETT 10.19
6. 10.19

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38 thoughts on “Men's 100m – 2021 NCAA track and field championship

  1. I came back here just to compare Fahnbulleh 2021 vs 2022. What an improvement in just 12 months. His 10 flat he dropped woulda beat Laird in this race. Crazy!!

  2. Liard. Small frame. No room for muscle growth. He's already peeked. Boling has the size and soon strength. Get someone to work on his form he'll score Gold some day.

  3. "A? Au. RHEAMEMBER a gun sounded off before 9 turned around with a billy club before a flash finish with his eyes rolled back and said you jump the gun on the relay and imma paint the town red with yo ass" ©

  4. Okay auntie ya caught me… lets basketball be a choice for humanity. Your constantly searching for answers. Due to your job and telling your dad about it. Okay, now Shannon brown didnt wanna leave the lakers, so he just went back home.

  5. I’m just glad we get to see Fanbulleh from Florida Matthew boling From Georgia and Shaun maswanganyi From Houston cougars and the Oregon football player / PAC 10 champ Michael and the guy from Kentucky Lang 😂😂 tahts a lot of speed for the next 2-3 years 🔥🔥🔥🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Matthew Boling- 45.2 steps
    Terrence Laird – 48.7 steps
    Joseph Fahnbulleh- 42.4 steps
    Shawn Maswangani- 44.2 steps
    Micah Williams- 47.7 steps
    Jovaughn Martin- 45.4 steps
    Davonte Burnett- 46.9 steps

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