Sha'Carri Richardson Faces Tough Test At LA Grand Prix

Richardson will race against Aleia Hobbs, Marie-Josée Ta Lou and Twanisha Terry in the this weekend.


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34 thoughts on “Sha'Carri Richardson Faces Tough Test At LA Grand Prix

  1. Well Richardson has it learn how to run good on the big stage if she can learn how to run her own race act like nobody else is there she could easily win I don't think she has the experience or the mindset the only thing she does have is talent in top speed I would love to see her put together a perfect run and then she could win with ease

  2. Know body but know body has the last 30 meter speed like "Sha-Sha" that I have seen other than "Bolt" & he's a man, & I might add if "Sha-Sha" gets her drive correct as she is digging & driving forward in those first 40 meters, I for one can't personally see anybody beating her to the tape, in other words, if one just goes back & watch any race she has run you will find most time she's out of the👉💰 & then when all sprinter's are slowing 🐌 down even though the naked 👁 can't perceive that, all of a sudden here comes "Sha-Sha" passing every body up as if they are standing still as she has hit another gear that she's not suppose to have but somebody forgot to tell her that, never really seen a sprinter other than "Carl Lewis" do that like that, & "Bolt" to a degree (cause in truth "Bolt" had a good start & even if he didn't it never really mattered honestly) but in my humble opinion this young lady has something very raw pure & natural & she's just now learning how to sprint correctly where as the "Jamaican🐎Fillies" have a couple of outstanding coaches who are master teachers of mechanics which most folk no absolutely nothing about, but these coaches make all the difference in the 👉 🌎 & which is why "Jamaica" has been ahead of the game for a while now. Amen 🙏 !!!

  3. Why would Sha’carri not be #1? Hobbs has never ran sub-10.8 .. Sha’carri has SEVERAL times. It’s a well-known fact Sha’carri is the better sprinter she wins be default, she’d almost have to PURPOSELY lose😂

  4. Every race they ran in last year Hobbs and shaccari were neck-and-neck and she wasn't herself this year shes back so i don't see hobbs near shacarri at all

  5. I think it will be between Richardson & Ta Lou. They are both 10.7 sprinters in top form. Sha'Carri might have to PR to win. We might see if she has a 10.6 in her. She will need that at the world championships.

    On the other hand, Hobbs looks ready to dip into 10.7 territory. Should be a great race!

  6. This will be a great race, Ta Lou vs Hobbs vs Sha'Carri, its alot of other greats out there but those three women stand the best chance to be in the finals at Worlds this year! This will be a good video to guage exactly where these ladies are all at!

  7. This is gonna be one helluva race! In this order, I’m seeing ShaCarri, TaLou, then Hobbs. But, honestly, this field is nearly an olympic final, if we exclude the performances of Elaine and Shelly the past two years. Although I think Hobbs will run 10.7 this year, I think her time off training during her surgery slowed her down a bit, but, she’ll be in form for nationals.

    I’ve been telling folks since 2021 TaLou is gonna be a huge threat this year, since her only real problems were that she wasn’t lifting & ran way too tense. No, Smith is gonna have her ready to drop 10.7’s with ease.

  8. Stop trying to play SháCarri! SháCarri is the number one sprinter point blank. Her times proves it. You guys are idiots!!!! And you sound even more stupid to suggest that she should lose!! Especially because Talou is in this race, it in her best interest to beat everyone in that race.

  9. Ta Lou vs Sha'Carri vs Hobbs 🔥Would be a more interesting narrative for the season if Aleia or Ta Lou won this race. Interestingly, Aleia is 7-0 vs Sha'Carri & 6-6 vs Ta Lou, and Ta Lou is 5-3 vs Sha'Carri winning the last 3 in a row. Wanna see Aleia jump into a couple of 200s this season for the first time since 2018 to improve her weak 22.93 PB and try to get it down to at least 22.50 which would also help out her 100m. Love that we're getting an early preview of half the lineups of both the W100/200m Finals @USAs, be interesting to see where Jenna's at in the 200m after a full month's training block. Good to see TT jumping into the 200m, hope she doesn't scratch!

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