Sha'Carri Richardson vs Shericka Jackson – The Most Epic 200m Battle in 2023

Sha’Carri Richardson 2023
Shericka Jackson 2023
Sha’Carri Richardson 10.54 sec over
Sha’Carri Richardson 10.72 sec over
Shericka Jackson
America versus Jamaica
Sha’Carri Richardson 200m
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50 thoughts on “Sha'Carri Richardson vs Shericka Jackson – The Most Epic 200m Battle in 2023

  1. Ok, so, this is a race I really wanna see at this point in time. I do think it seems pretty obvious Shericka should win, but, Sha’Carri’s Africa performance showed me she’s now on the level of Shericka in terms of abilities. Shacarri has those powerful strides with perfect mechanics at a higher speed, while Shericka has those long powerful strides and amazing endurance at great top speed. This battle shall be epic!

  2. Shacarri looks like she'd matured, hooefky she's learned to respect her fellow athleted, looking ffwd to the season, welcome back to her.

  3. ShaCarri has some serious domestic rivals that she will have to handle first before she can think about Shericka at 200m. The USA 200m picture is very competitive.

  4. I remember the days when American was more action and less talk.
    Now it's all about fixing race for Nike while coming to track and field with nothing in the tank!

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