The Race We've All Been Waiting For || Sydney McLaughlin's 400 Meter Dash

Get ready
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38 thoughts on “The Race We've All Been Waiting For || Sydney McLaughlin's 400 Meter Dash

  1. Clearly the top track athlete of her generation. Who's ever been that much better than everyone else? Maybe once or twice in the previous century.

  2. US high school boys have been running sub-50 400m races for decades with Darrell Robinson running a 44.69 in 1982. THIS is why only biological females should be allowed to compete in women's track and field (as well as other sports).

  3. Listen to what you just said… in one year she broke a world record (twice) that it took another person 16 years to do for the first time. This doesn’t happen unless you are on “supplements” to aid you.

  4. The German women's 400m record took place during a time that they were all doping, BIG time. McLaughlin definitely has a shot at the WR, but it will then make it a legitimate WR>

  5. She will absolutely break the world record at least once in 2023. It’s just what she does. She’s a true runner. She runs against her times, not her competition.

  6. AND she (Sydney) ran through the tape. EVERY TIME. Unlike so many other egotistical sprinters. Run through the tape, don’t mug and disrespect your opponents.

  7. Her coach pulled her out. Not really running too often this year. Could be a lot of reasons for it, but anytime athletes barely compete it looks bad because that is how you game the doping system. I pray she isn't, and I honestly doubt she is but it always raises questions. Especially when a coach pulls two athletes. Could be a lot of things though.

  8. I love cc/t&f and you had me until you misspelled Los Angeles. That made me question everything else you post. If that glaring error was made what else are you getting wrong?

  9. no one drops from 51.90 to 51.46 that fast, somebody is doping or doing drugs. He pulled them because they got caught in a toxicology screen for roids or something or maybe they are pulling the same sub standard male competing in a woman sport ever think of that. Abby steiner same thing, always cheat to win. throw them out of school. poor role models

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