Trans athletes drop out of California track & field championships

Alliance Defending Freedom’s Matt Sharp and athlete Chelsea Mitchell, who is suing the Connecticut Association of Schools for allowing trans to compete in girls’ , discuss their fight to protect female .

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43 thoughts on “Trans athletes drop out of California track & field championships

  1. This has gone to far is domestic violence legal now ? There’s no physical difference so men can slap their women around. Or can the men say they identified as women the day they beat the crap outta their wives ! See how ridiculous it is ! Woke activists, trans activists, democrats, liberals, have took it way too far! So far in fact that woke Target hires trans satanist to design clothes for toddlers for heavens sake ! Toddlers ! Leave children alone !!! The radical left are sick and evil ! 🤮

  2. Good, keep the pressure on these trans athletes. They don't belong in women's sports. The fault lies at the top; the administrators, the politicians et al.

  3. Women should all just sit down. Just stop playing. Stop attending practices and stop signing up. Not because they're inferior. But because as long as this is allowed its futile for them. After they stop playing the coaches, administrators and support folks will start losing their jobs and the money will stop rolling into the Universities etc. Let them go broke

  4. Sports should be men against men , women against women and confused against confused thats the only fair thing to do ……just saying……

  5. lets just get this out of the way early…NO ONE IS TRANS ! Just a bunch of freaks that wish they were….you are what God made you and you cant change it…..PERIOD !

  6. When they lower every single light switch in the world for midgets, then maybe we’ll hear about your problems, til then just start your own competition and stop trying to change everyone for your benefit.

  7. Those boys are nothing but selfish bass-tards. There is no reason they should have even been in a position to pull out of the race. THEY ARE BOYS. They have no place in a girls competition. Who ever allowed these two boys to get so far, including their parents, should be sued by those girls who got CHEATED out of their chance to compete by these selfish, cheating LOSERS who faked being girls.

  8. I do NOT understand why it can't be as simple as "once you have ocmpletely transitioned and are a woman with woman breasts and hormones, then you can compete". But to come over as pure boy who has decided he is a girl? NO. just NO.

  9. They should make it so women can compete in men’s sports.. Like track..That way trans men don’t have an excuse to be in female sports..I guarantee trans men would still compete in femal only sports just to have an advantage..If schools allow females in men sports trans men can still compete as females so they can’t sue for discrimination.. They’d have no excuses to compete in female sports..

  10. Every year hundreds of high school boys (not men) outrun the top female Olympic athletes. So a man who has run through highschool, and possibly college, would most definitely have an unfair advantage. The idea of anyone supporting this needs to be medicated

  11. Dwayne "Rock" Johnson was going to go trans for a day to choke out all the trans thieves from stealing the lives and futures of all women athletes.

  12. Just like men, start something and couldn't finish; women left disappointed. How much more proof do we need? No matter how much the women lost, they finished what they started. These men are ridiculous

  13. This whole thing is a joke to allow biological men into women sports. Biology is real and a fact. Why are the feeling of men who want to be women more emportant than fairness in women sports? Trans people should have their own class.

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