Transgender athletes banned from elite international track and field events l GMA

The World Council, the international governing body over field, announced a ban that prevents transgender athletes from participating in female events after going through male .

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49 thoughts on “Transgender athletes banned from elite international track and field events l GMA

  1. Trans women ARE NOT WOMEN, DNA determines gender! Biological men have 20% more muscle, 20% more lung volume and the list goes on and on. Your croch doesn’t determine gender, nor does your opinion.

  2. I think trans athletes should compete in trans athletic competitions. That way everything is fair. Just because you are trans does not mean you should be competing against girls. You should be competing against other trans athletes!

  3. Lia Thomas is a childish sore loser for opposing reasonable changes. That confirms that Thomas never wanted to work hard to win, just play dirty to win. We have a narcissism epidemic, folks.

  4. So so sad we have to pass a law to prevent these freaks from acting like females. Shame on us..Obama started this evil evil crap..maybe now america cab finally stop this horrid stuff. God help us put a stop to this..

  5. It's unfortunate we live in a society where those caught in the middle don't yet have a platform to compete with others who have also made such life changing decisions. Perhaps a separate group is required like the paraolympics to accommodate those in their transitional phase until they complete their journey. Clearly competative sport relies heavily on physical abilities as well as emotional ones, so the importance of fairness should be paramount. This is the right decision. Everyone has the same human rights and deserves the appropriate respect.

  6. To satisfy everyone, the next step after this ban should be the creation of an "open" category where trans-men, trans-women and all of the "they, thems" can compete against each other. The purity of mens and womens sports must not be altered by the beliefs of the trans-communities or threatened by the woke mob.

  7. The Nazis and Marxists both tried to have men compete in woman's sports so is only natural for Democrats to continue the march towards, I mean science.

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