We've All Been Waiting For This || Sydney Mclaughlin VS. Femke Bol – 400 Meter Hurdles

Note – At 0:25 – we wrote that Sydney ran a time of 41.46 in 2022, which would be amazing but that time at least at the moment is completely impossible. That time should have been written as 51.46 seconds – thanks for understanding.

Nobody has been able to beat over the previous 2 seasons. Is 2023 the year when that changes?
Thanks to Horta Sorta for the footage!
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32 thoughts on “We've All Been Waiting For This || Sydney Mclaughlin VS. Femke Bol – 400 Meter Hurdles

  1. It'll be an interesting year for these two. I've followed T&F long enough to know that when an athlete performs like McLaughlin did last summer, often they never reach that peak again. Don't get me wrong — I want to see her do well and am as big a fan as any. But unless I'm wrong, we haven't seen her have the winter and spring that Femke Bol has been enjoying thus far in 2023. I think that Femke still has something left — not necessarily breaking McLaughlin's world record, but still winning a World and Olympic championship down the line. I absolutely adore both these athletes.

  2. @jamezkpal2361 Since you also ran the 400h, your opinion carries a lot of weight. I think Sydney shows no sign of slowing down. She changed from 15 to 14 steps & dropped from 51.46 to 50.68. Femke shows no sigh of slowing down & should expect a similar improvement since she is now running 14 steps, especially since she didn't improve last year. It's reasonable to think she could improve from 52.03 to 51.20. Femke looks outstanding in the open 400 as well and that should help even more. Sydney has been training for the open 400 as well, so she should be even stronger. My thoughts are if both run a good race Femke is not ready to dethrone Sydney (yet). I would love to hear your opinion.

  3. Wilson is a great runner. I don't think she is quite ready to take on Femke or Sydney. Sydney will have it over Femke. But Femke is closing. I can't wait to see it unfold.

  4. If Sydney steps in at her best, someone beating her is just a pipe dream. What will be interesting, is if she steps into the 400M flat with Femke and Mo. That would be something to watch.

  5. Yes, but who besides Femke Bol is going to really go all out to beat her own world record in the 300m hurdles this year?

    My very best wishes to ALL the young women in the NCAA Championship 400m this week. Better and better . . . and for one of you, all the way to join your team and see Femke in the flat 400 in Silesia.

  6. Thanks for all the amazing videos. I love all your updates on athletics events and records. Just a note though on this video. As per your top 10 all-time list, Sydney actually has 6, not 5. She also has the 3rd best record though I reckon it should have been 51.46, not 41.46. Cheers.

  7. @ 0:31, the time for Sydney's number 3 running is off by 10 seconds. It should be 51:46 seconds and not 41:46 seconds as the screen shows. Simple error may perhaps. Thanks once again for a very informative and entertaining video. Cheers

  8. Femke may eventually beat Sydney (but not this year, I'd wager). The fact that she markedly improved her flat 400 speed augurs well. Her over-hurdle technique is better, and she takes 15 steps, meaning her left leg always goes over first, which is an advantage on the curve (Sydney alternates legs). She is a tad younger. And it seems to me that Sydney is full of other gifts, and may put track behind her to pursue them, rather than stretching out a long track career.

  9. Challenge Sydney ?? Nah, Femke isn’t quite in her class yet. I like Femke and she maybe will upset her in a race or 2 but most likely she will push Sydney to go faster.

  10. 16 years old Sydney ran her 4×400 split in 49.5 ! At 17, she ran 400 flat in 50.07 in the rain. She would be 4th at the Worlds with this time. How much can she make today at 23?

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