What Sha'Carri Richardson Just Did Is Truly Ridiculous

Another amazing race from one of the world’s fastest sprinters.

Huge shout out to YoungBossKenya for the footage!


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49 thoughts on “What Sha'Carri Richardson Just Did Is Truly Ridiculous

  1. The title said “what’s Shakari Richardson did was truly amazing” and I said “what flew!” 😂😂😂gone girl ! Keep breaking them and breaking them!

  2. glad she is back on track….no pun intended…..looking amazing….as her coach I still wouldve gotten into her for that celebration

  3. It's good to see the perfect motherfuckers on here have something to say like they have not made any mistakes in their lives. She has turned her life to the better and understand what lessons she learned and you see it.

  4. My fav..female sprinter is ready to shake up the world. I told you all and you guys just clowned her. Well, God, is good and he's given his blessing to this young wm to excel and win. In the upconing W.Champ..she will be top 3. In the 2024,"O" games she will be top 3. As long as she rest her legs and does nt burn out watch this superior wm burn up the track. Stay focus and work on your start. I'm praying for you. All love and blessing. #teamSha'carri100%

  5. I wrote her off last year, now I am getting excited! I hope she continues to perform and stays away from drama and keeps talking with her legs!!!! I hope she woke up and stays on target!

  6. I'm not so sure the shutting down early was total victory showmanship. She felt sick to her stomach after that race, it might have started in those last 30-40 meters.
    It's very exciting watching her rise, but we gotta wait for consistency. Even though her perfomances should sound the alarm all across the world, last year alone Shericka ran better at least 5 times in the 200m. Shelly ran better at least 6 times last season in the 100m. And the Jamaicans seem to play their cards wisely with Elaine and Shelly not competing yet and Shericka not in her specialty, the 200m.
    Nevertheless, this season is already very exciting, with indeed an inevitable clash at some point. My money at this point in time though is still with the Jamaicans

  7. Gotta' admit I was on the wagon that criticized this girl for her attitude and bad decisions that caused her problems but hey….CUDOS to her for "getting it together if you will" and being a professional. People change. Her talent is absolutely UNDENIABLE. Very happy for Sha'Carri. Go get that gold medal. ❤from Canada.

  8. If she’s pulling stunts she’s still mentally weak. Facts not feelings. I hope she smokes the entire field but if she’s playing games someone is going to stomp her in the crucial moment.

  9. I think Sha'Carri, is doing great. I think she will continue as long as she keeps the mindset set that she has now. I wish she even thought she knows she is going to win. Not to stop that surging force behind her run. I am sure if she doesn't there are many RECORDS she definitely will break. Good luck and Blessings to you, Sha' Carri, ❤

  10. As much as I would like to see that line compete, healthy. (Wow) I'm not hearing anything from Elaine Thompson yet. I am down like 4 flat tires to see it happen though!!
    It's good to see that so far Sha'Carri is running like a contender again!

  11. her issue was never talent. It was the mental and emotional areas with discipline. She's still young but has gone through fire the last few years. Im glad she has found her zen and got rid of all the fake junk trying to be the next flojo…she looks better natural as her self the first Sha'Carri..FloJo is now more a mythic figure now…Nobody can live up to that. Let it go. She is looking good, running great, her interviews are good…lost that chip. As long as she stays disciplined and focused she will be in the mix at worlds! She probably would have popped a 21.80 if she ran all the way through. I wish she had because you never know in track when everything comes together like that. The 100m at worlds. SAFP is tough because of that insane start and her improving second half of her race. This 200m shows her strength is there. Her win in the 100m shows her speed is there. Like you said her start needs improving esp against SAFP because you can't give her too big of a lead. Unless she gets lucky with a really good start she is not going to pop out with SAFP but she doesnt need to. She just needs to be in striking range to pass her in the second half. See some of ETH's races vs SAFP. Worlds is looking insane and now the mens side is catching up to the women with all these sub 20 year olds crushing it. The womens youth wave hit first but now the men are starting to show a lot of young guys taking titles. The youth wave is the story where 18-22 year olds are crushing it. First on the womens side ushering in a new golden era and now on the mens. The talent level of these runners is insane at such a young age.

  12. I hope she is able to stay focused and keep delivering this season … she is not my favorite athlete, even this win celebration before crossing the finish line i dont think is very profesional and respectful for the rest of the field, but she is strong competition and that what pushes the sport forward.

  13. I’ve said it before she’s young and talented if she gets her head right she could go all the way. BUT she’s she’s not beating the Jamaicans anytime soon.

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