ABBY STEINER V. SHA'CARRI RICHARDSON || 2023 Diamond League Doha – 100 Meters

Doha diamond league is going to be fire.
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35 thoughts on “ABBY STEINER V. SHA'CARRI RICHARDSON || 2023 Diamond League Doha – 100 Meters

  1. Enjoy it while u can ladies… Next summer Olympics is allowing dudes in wigs to come on over & unfortunately for you that means a podium spot is most likely not even possible option unless the men….. Oh sorry… The "Women" blow a quad off the blocke 😂

  2. Steiner came in dead last. And by a huge amount. I cant even find a 200m clip so Steiner must have gotten burnt. I say that because if she had done well it would be everywhere

  3. Steiner came in dead last. Wasn't even a threat. Her exit out the blocks needs work. She was in last place leaving the blocks. She didn't gain ground moving to the 50 and faded as the main pack sub 11 seconds left everyone behind.
    I think she need to stick to the 200 and 400.
    The 100 is a beast and I just dont she has the gears to compete against international 100 meter sprinters.

  4. Your passion for your sport is obvious… However, all the solicitations to your listeners to send in their own prognostications as to what and what will not happen seem to have come to not… Because we never hear you summarizing and feeding back any of that collated information. Are you sure this is not just a, to get more subscriptions?

  5. I'm sorry when did sha carri become the fastest 100 meter of all time. Ha ha ha ha. Y'all funny she's a good runner and she's doing better but sorry not of all times

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