Matthew Boling VS. Tarsis Orogot || 2023 SEC Track & Field Championships – Men's 200 Meters

In one of the most hyped weekends throughout the entire season, one event in the SEC has huge potential.

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48 thoughts on “Matthew Boling VS. Tarsis Orogot || 2023 SEC Track & Field Championships – Men's 200 Meters

  1. Has Boling considered trying the decathlon? He’s got three of the events nailed. He probably could high jump well and do the hurdles. He’d have to learn the throws and pole vault.

  2. discounted bolling before so I won't be surprised if he takes it… but I think this is orogot's race to lose… I believe he'll go sub 19.75 and blow the field away…

  3. MB will end up taking some "enhancers" because he's just not as fast as the other guys. He doesn't run smooth enough, too much wasted energy. Other guys just too fast. And he's supposed to try and peak for the US trials? Done already, stop focusing on him. So many other faster 1,2, and 4 runners. Indoors, only the 60M is relevant like many people have said on this thread. Florida boys are beast!

  4. Thanks for your consistent uploads. Please do indicate with "arrows" on the runners you focus on. It's hard to identify them when we've limited knowledge on these runners. Thanks again.

  5. I was definitely wrong about Tarsis Orogot..He completely choked!!! He isn't built for the pressure of the finals.. indoor or outdoor smh
    Matt Boling did terrible also

  6. No knock on Matt Boling but Indoor has no barring on outdoor. That being said looking for to a great race in the Final. Tarsis will be tough to beat. Boling Patterson will be right there with him.

    Can we get EVER HAVE camera shots that actually SHOW the end of the race: AT THE FINISH LINE?????
    The camera work done in track and field IS THE WORST OF ANY SPORT!!
    Also, can the announcer ( whoever they may be?) mention the color of the uniform a specific athlete is wearing to help us who are just trying to learn more about racing?

  8. You know I have been looking at the comments on this channel for a while now and here is what I noticed ……
    I also see many other Track and Field channels and have exact same experience with them ….

    # 1 The only athlete that is ever mentioned by name with the " hope that he loses" is Matthew Boling ..

    ( 100% of the negative comments that " Hope He Loses " come from Black Commentors ) …. if photo is included …

    # 2 There is zero examples of a White Commentor that mentions a Black athlete by name with " hope he loses " …..

    All commentators whether Black or White will desire other athletes by name with hopes he or she wins or does well etc.
    but the ONLY athlete where someone will specifically use his name and hope he loses is Mathew Boling and 100% of the time its a Black Commentator with photo …

  9. The MB CULT IS HERE AGAIN..EVEN THIS BIAS ASS TITLE ..IT WAS SO HARD FOR HIM TO SAY OROGOT WAS THE FAV😂😂Why are they posting a 19.92 for MB..Dude is 48th in the 100 and 12th in the 200‼️..he hasnt run anything close this year‼️ THIS IS THE CULT BEHAVIOR I BE TALKING ABOUT…And Indoor 200m is tactical and its all about who has the outter lanes..the fastest qualifier from TT couldn't make the finals in lane 3 and not everyone runs indoor to avoid injuries on tite turns…There are 6 guys who will kill him outdoors off natural speed…Bowling isn't a factor…Shouldn't even be talking about him after Orogots 19.6 and Florida's 19.8…I cant wait for all this MB stuff to end this year 😂😂…he isnt good enough to go pro..only a special few leave college early and go pro and those who stay(almost no one) dominate all 3 to 4 much HYPE..go pro to do what exactly!? 😂I can't think of not one event he'd have a chance in

  10. Pls stop with the clickbait, just wait until you have an actual new race to review. I think you might make your audience fatigue if you keep reposting old news. Just a friendly suggestion

  11. What I hate about this channel is all the races have spoilers in the title. Is there any way to watch races without spoilers?

  12. If Boling wins I would be completely shocked. Besides winning the 200m indoor championship, he was running faster in high school than what he is now

  13. It's Boling's to lose period. I know what every hater is going to say but it doesn't matter because it comes from a place of hatred. They were all talking that yak before Boling put down tbe best 200m indoor of the year so let's see. Orogot is 2nd easily.

  14. Make a video about Jacob marcell he will do 3 races in a row from the end of this month with the strongest athletes

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