Men's Discus Final | World Athletics Championships Doha 2019

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It was a hearty ‘Skol’ to Daniel Stahl as the powerhouse Swede delivered on his season-long vow to be world champion, scrapping his way to the discus title in a tight, tense competition.

The Diamond trophy winner has dominated the campaign, hurling the 2kg disc 71.86m for joint fourth on the world all-time list, but today was not a day for unleashing monster throws simply to win gold, which he did courtesy of a best of 67.59m.

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50 thoughts on “Men's Discus Final | World Athletics Championships Doha 2019

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  2. for my americans they're throwing that bitch well over 190 feet (edit: average 200 feet) and thats an about 5 pound object, technially 4.5 just for a general idea

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  4. The quality of the throw and the match is almost good and I am an Iranian thrower and I am familiar with the dear myth of Daniel Starr.And I have to say that everything is the same in training to form in the competition

  5. The big bucks are in disc golf championships…
    I bet these bulls could cut someone’s head off with a cloth dog frisbee like Odd job does in 007 with his razor hat, right?

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