OMG!! Sha'Carri Richardson EXPOSED Him Lying On Interview?

Sha’Carri Richardson and Jackson Tuwei controversy
Track And Field 2023
Sha’Carri Richardson 2023
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22 thoughts on “OMG!! Sha'Carri Richardson EXPOSED Him Lying On Interview?

  1. Shacari will soon become a name no one want to be associated with due to her lack of knowing when to just keep her mouth shut. As an athlete competing at that level I am certain she has her management who makes decisions on her behalf, thus when he said they spoke it is obvious that he would not be referring to her directly. Then it is even more certain that when an athlete agrees to compete at a competition they are aware of and had prior agreement regarding the event they will ultimately participate in, and this decision is made by their management and coaching staff.

  2. I think they lied to get Shacarri to come to Kenya by telling her she was going to compete in the 100m and switched. I hate this for the Kenya fans they deserve better.

    🇺🇸’s talk and when the reputation of a venue gets bad the elite runners won’t come back.

    They all train hard and in a specific way to win in the events they enter in. That’s like telling one of the other ladies in 400m they are going to be switched to the 200m.

  3. Sha'carri and SAFP both should have been featured in the 100m and 200m as a marketing tool for the sport….however controversy sells as well. Sad but true.

  4. Sha'Carri Richardson is destined to fail eventually in her athletic career. Her runaway ego together with her cult-like clueless fans would ensure that happens. It would one day make a very interesting but tragic documentary. Make sure to catch it…coming soon to a theatre near you.

  5. This woman Richardson likes to embrace controversy and conflict way too much. Just learn to humble yourself, keep your mouth shut, and go run your races. She's like a pending train wreck.

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