Pro Track and Field is OVERHYPED… here’s why

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In this clip I discuss why the NCAA Championship is the best track meet in the world.


7 thoughts on “Pro Track and Field is OVERHYPED… here’s why

  1. I highly disagree with this take, it is a US centric viewpoint. No one outside the US cares much about the NCAA. Why would anyone prefer watching a bunch of college students go at it when you can have the best in the world at the olympics/worlds.

  2. The only storylines I only heard was 2012 Olympics when people were doubting bolt especially after Blake beat him in the Jamaican trials. Obviously sha carri vs elaine and and Shelly.

  3. No everybody's watching the two hundred male & Female because they were rooting for Abby & Matt ( Born & bred Americans ) and or Self- preservation.. if these two had not made it to the finals the ratings would have been lower even much lower

  4. Bad take..drama occurs in pro athletics all the time, even moreso than in the ncaa. When Bolt was running slow times throughout the season and pulling crazy times come championships? De grasses rise to the top? Elaine and Shelly vs She carri? Fred kerley switching events? Drug scandals? Bromell not making it to the finals after having a crazy season.. Sydney Mclaughlin vs Mohamed? Warholm vs the world record? This is mostly from the past year as well, there is plenty more drama in pro athletics. The ncaa has storylines but many of them are not as crazy as on the pro circuit considering less is on the line

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