Sha’Carri Richardson sets new meet record in 100s 🔥#shorts


9 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson sets new meet record in 100s 🔥#shorts

  1. Sherika jackson is done. Shacarri is much more prettier. I don't watch Jamaican runners runing. I enjoy watching american pretty runners

  2. SMOKIN HOT🤯👍👍 TRULY AMAZING AND SO WELL DESERVED!!! All of you idiots that doubted her and held her back for smoking some green can eat shit and die because this lady right here is special! All you old white men that said no to her bc of it you will pay someday bet that! GOD IS GOOD! 💚🌱💨💃🏻🏃🏾‍♀️🐐✨🤯😁😁😁

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