Sha’Carri Richardson vs Elaine Thompson Herah, Luzern

Full Results:

1. Sha’Carri RICHARDSON USA 11.29
2. Elaine THOMPSON-HERAH JAM 11.30
3. Celera BARNES USA 11.40
4. Jenna PRANDINI USA 11.48
5. Murielle AHOURÉ-DEMPS CIV 11.50
6. Mujinga KAMBUNDJI SUI 11.54
7. Shania COLLINS USA 11.59

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35 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson vs Elaine Thompson Herah, Luzern

  1. Yess!! I'm so proud of you baby girl. Continue do your thing queen. Just stay positive and keep your faith. Let people hate it's only make you better. 💯💪🏿🙌🏿

  2. Nobody really hates this gurl…she is just emotionally immature and goes hella left….which sometimes makes its hard to root for her…at time. No one likes attitude….we love to sew maturity and sportsmanship

  3. Hey I'm a big fan S Richardson please once again tithing hair up it's slowed you down fraction of 2 seconds I'm surprised your coaching telling you this am loving fan

  4. 1000 years from now,after mankind has gone through a proper reckoning, people from the future will look like this. This and Olympic level long track speed skaters.😊

  5. Stop it now!
    No one can step up and take the Jamaican’s crown. Until the current batch of runners retire all sprinters just have to watch the heels of the J-can’s spikes for now!

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