Shelly-Ann Fraser Open up about Sha'Carri Richardson!!

on Sha’Carri Richardson : Now if you thought it was only in the world of showbiz where people throw shades at each other, then think again! Because the world of is not an exception… We’ve seen pro athletes throw shots at each other, and this season, it’s Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce vs. Sha’Carri Richardson. These two sprint stars are held up in a battle of supremacy and none of them is ready to respect the other. We’ve seen Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce blatantly disrespect Sha’Carri Richardson, and Richardson is not bowing down either. And this verbal altercation is still going strong on social media. Until these two battle out in the same field over 100 meters, I think the cold blood between them is going to intensify going forward.

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34 thoughts on “Shelly-Ann Fraser Open up about Sha'Carri Richardson!!

  1. Why hate and be a fake Sale out against your own skin just to have some of that fake trash cash 🗑️💸💵😡 We are one and in the same skin So don't let Hollywood turn you into a fake human being and a Big Sale out person who go against their own skin that they are in because we all come from some of the greatest who live before we all live on earth 🌎 So don't let that fake Magic Trick Box 🎁 trash cash 💵 and Hollywood T.V. turn you into a Big Sale out going against your own Sister in the same skin you are in Black Queen and stay strong and always tell our race to keep their head up and keep doing what you are good at doing and what you are good at Black Queen 👑😘❤️🥰👑. Zarail aka Z ❤️

  2. Another hater! Your commentary is despicable. Nothing in Fraser's comment stated she disliked Richardson. Can't wait to see Richardson's performance when it really counts.

  3. How can you dethrone someone that doesn't have a throne, Shelly is the world champion and Elaine is the Olympic champion which throne does Richardson holds?????

  4. U are all messed up with this comparison
    1. Shelly dont need to catch up to shacarr. Shelly is more decorated on all level
    2. Shelly has nothing prove only need to be ready for trial and championship.

  5. Pure nonsense ! There was no disrespect. The real reason why the big guns have been absenting themselves from these petty races is because of money and insignificant titles. The real pros will show up for the prestegeous meets and slay the tracs once again. Sha Cari is yet to even run under 10.7 seconds, while Shelly Anne did it six times last year alone. She doesn't need to do all that this year again. She needs to stay fit and ready for the big races and concentrate on breaking the world record which will happen this year. Shelly Anne is the most decorated and successful female track athleat of all time, dispite not holding those questionable world records. As polite and modest as she is, she really doesn't need to have any respect for anybody, eventhough she is extremely professional.What has Sha Cari achieved besides winning a race or two here and there? Nothing really. I would admit that she is having a better start to this season than her's last year. If you're a fan of hers just hope she can keep it up. I say she can't. if you want to support an American sprinter try Aleia Hobbs.

  6. That's why I don't like these Vloggers videos. They speak what they are not sure of. I never and still don't fancy Shacarri even though I am glad she has grown up and performing at her best. Her best means more more competition for our Jamaican girls, which is a good thing. Stop saying people hate people unless they told you so.🇯🇲💯

  7. Its been years since USA dont have dominance over both 100 and 200m on the track so Richardson is upcoming why not let this girl build her career show she talent than this propaganda. She does have talent but she love the media spotlight and from this video we all can see that media spotlight is a big distraction. Shelly didn't say anything different from what Richardson would say. Anyone can run a fast time in a one off race but rounds of races for a medal that where the real talent show. I yet to see Richardson do that.

  8. Western media loves propaganda.. Shelly is world renowned and have medals to prove it. Richardson has times no medals.. so in essence she has noting to prove she has dominance so why would Shelly hate her? Media hype up Richardson and then she fail on the track.. Shelly never fails. She always delivers

  9. Jamaicans, except Asafa Powell.have never learnt to respect other athletes especially those from US. We expect Shelly Ann to protect and encourage Shaccari. Nobody owns sports. Sports are for entertainment….it's not a do or die duel where you hate and disrespect others. That's why USA athletes are admired all over the world: Flo Jo. Gwen Terence. Alyson Felix, Jeter. Tori Bowie. English Gardener. Evelyn. Carl Lewis. Johnson….these guys broke records. Are the world's best are physically very beautiful, yet humble, respectful of others and just likeable. Shaccari is just a kid. Why even hate her. She will grow out of some tantrums. Many Jamaican sprinters have been accused and even suspended for doping. Yet no American athlete threw it to their faces the way Jamaicans kept harassing Shaccari on social media. This is just a sport. People come and go. Let's encourage young and up coming talent. Competition is good.

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