2023 Diamond League opener recap: Sha'carri Richardson wins in 100m in Doha | CBC Sports

Host Rob Pizzo and track nerd Morgan Campbell react to the 2023 Diamond League opener in Doha. Americans Sha’carri Richardson and Fred Kerley stole the show. placed 3rd in the while placed 6th.
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30 thoughts on “2023 Diamond League opener recap: Sha'carri Richardson wins in 100m in Doha | CBC Sports

  1. She ran faster earlier in 2021 and ran wind added 10.6 at trials that year. WL until September 2021. Then reporter told her that her mom died during the interview and she self medicated. 2022 her mental was still not there. Mental health is in check, body is fit, and we still haven’t seen her at 100. Both her and shericka slowed down in the last 10-15 meters. Easiest 10.7 of the season.

  2. Can't be seeing here, but if you watched the presentation of athletics right before the run you could see her grim. It game me right away the feeling she will come and win.

  3. Woooow, i am so happy. I knew Shacarrie could do it. I hated how people were bullying the poor girl. Her form was perfect and what i loved even more was that she was running amongst some of the best athletes in the world.

  4. She deserves the win, and I am happy she did, for those who don't know she is frequently in Jamaica.

    The analysis in the red sounds stupid the way he's trying to downgrade the other athletes, if you don't have it know what to say, keep your mouth zip.
    And let the show continues with these great athletes 👏

  5. No she is more like a high school student the field had athletes that are older and been competing for years. Another Jamaica is behind the scenes waiting to take #1 on the world scene when Shelly and Elaine retire.

    She probably needs another drug test. Marlene Ottey was give a number of second places because her American competitors were on drugs.

    However, she may have just taken Usain Bolt’s advice to shut up work hard & show up with actions not words—— if that’s the case congratulations keep working hard.

  6. Ok, stop. Talking like that really explains where click bait comes from – Bullshit color commentary like you're doing. Shacarri didn't 'treat' the field like anything – let alone "like high schoolers"… She ran her race, just like everybody else was running their own.

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