Sha’Carri Richardson Comeback 2023 #athletics #trackandfield #sprinting


41 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson Comeback 2023 #athletics #trackandfield #sprinting

  1. She's on another level. She's all in and honest ..not like ussain bolt who liked to win 'barely'. Bolt milked breaking records little by little.
    RICHARDSON "runs"

  2. Boa noite seu nome tem de botar e vem aí o furacão acabando com tudo que vem na frente c é Linda e maravilhosa continue sempre assim notado sem pra você não dês mais Deus pra você do fixe no 70 de fosse vontade continue assim

  3. Her maturation shows. She stumbled and picked herself up. Also, she is showing that the proof is in her actions. Much respect. God bless

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