Sha'Carri Richardson Has Black Privilege | Ep. 78

My feelings about Steven Crowder have changed. Plus, Team USA track star Sha’Carri Richardson is ejected from a flight after a fight with a flight attendant who told her to stop using her phone. And George Santos’ Brazilian drag queen past comes to light.

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00:00 – Start
03:32 – Why we should pray for Steven Crowder
08:02 – Sha’Carri Richardson ejected from flight
15:40 – Elon Musk’s Tweets on assisted suicide
21:29 – George Santos’ drag queen past
26:03 – Toxic woman in the gym

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46 thoughts on “Sha'Carri Richardson Has Black Privilege | Ep. 78

  1. Who is the girl who was “harassed” at the gym, get over yourself you’re not that cute. I can’t stand it when I go to the gym and you have these individuals who are filming themselves so they can put it on their only fans account they take up so much space they’re so annoying. I really just want to curse them out sometimes.

  2. Maybe don't do a useless work out that makes it look like your trying to dry hump a big long pole. Women make me want to punch them. Equal rights right.

  3. Why make this a race issue when it's clearly her being a spoiled athlete. If she was white no one would think it's a white privilege they would see her as a person who is a spoiled athlete. We are more than our race.

  4. I am convinced that everything going on in this world is a way to control the population and for the government to control who they think deserves to live. Sick world we are living in.

  5. I'm guessing Steven is having some sort of breakdown. Possibly even some sort of mental illness or degeneration. It's very sad, I truly hope that everyone can find peace and healing, and success.

  6. If she doesn't want to be sexualized maybe she should take down her Snapchat with her and her damn underwear and by the way that guy came over to ask her if she needed help cause she was struggling to put on a weight cause you know she's so fit and so athere's other videos of her about this she's been busted

  7. Candice I don't think it's black privilege what it is is these kids nowadays all think they're privileged black white titty pink it don't matter they think they're better than everyone else the reason that phone's not supposed to be on don't want it messing with anything on the plane especially when you're taken off she has no consideration for anyone else on that plane except for herself but that's how all these kids are white like I said doesn't matter

  8. I used to be a big fan of yours, Candace. But this whole Crowder segment was disingenuous and downright disgusting. It comes off like youre just passive aggressively letting him know that you have info on him, and if he doesn’t cut it out you’re going to release it. Over what? Because people thought you were some kind of “slave” to the DW? Who the eff cares! People thought that way about you and the other hosts way before Crowder said anything. How come you’re able to laugh off the Schwab conspiracy theory, but not this?

    I hope you’re really not this type of person that can be so vengeful and petty. But if you are, then you need God more than I thought.

  9. I have to share that unless I actually WITNESS IN person Candace doing something that I consider to be “Out of Her Character”, I would NEVER BELIEVE it from anyone who doesn’t care about America.

  10. The assisted suicide right actually began in British Columbia. I believe it’s inception was a terminally ill woman who sued for that right, to not have to go to the street for a means which might not be effective or painless. It has ballooned since into something entirely different. We are, now, pretty much at the bottom of a very slippery slope where assisted suicide is being offered and condoned for issues most people wouldn’t support. Of course, Canada, itself, has gone in a direction in many issues which are abhorrent and repugnant to many. Whether we will eventually collapse as another far left socialist hell hole is still an unanswered question.

  11. I have great respect for Candace and I am very glad she has come to a better personal resolution for her way forward over the situation with Crowder. I must admit to being disappointed in the way he has chosen to handle the entire affair. Had he negotiated for terms to which he objected, which the DW fully expected to do and fully expected there would be plenty of changes in his favour, and had gotten nowhere in terms of protecting the issues of concern I would have much more sympathy with his actions. Publicizing a conversation with a person not only unaware and also who has been a friend seems just unnecessary and not the actions of a person of integrity.

  12. Sha'Carri was literally being abused by her girlfriend, she had a hard childhood, her mom had just died… give the girl a break! Yeah, she messed up, but she was one of the best runners of all time… root for her comeback. Don't say "it was okay" say "you CAN get back up. You're the greatest of all time! "

  13. Candace was subtly blackmailing Crowder here 🤣🤣 she has info on him and his extra marital (perhaps homosexual) activities and she is withholding it as long as Crowder doesn't respond further. How very Christian of her. Hilarious

  14. Candace, you're strawmanning Crowder here, gaslighting him, and still personally attacking him, but now you're doing it while pretending to be a Christian by telling people to pray for him. This is just gross.

    What Crowder has confronted isn't a conspiracy theory. He provided the receipt and so did your own boss. The kowtowing to big tech is right there in the term sheet in black and white. It's not a theory or a conspiracy theory. You're being dishonest.

    Also, now everyone knows you recorded your own friend, Nicole Arbour, and tried to cover that up by removing her confrontation to you on your own show. How hypocritical, Candace. Really. How can you be mad at Crowder for having the foresight to protect himself from this smear campaign when you've recorded your friends with NO excuse.


  15. You missed the mark big Tim with crowder….. you gotta look within, why you got so angry in the first place. This approach STILL was passive aggressive lmfao. YOU’RE STILL THROWING SHOTS.

  16. Candance thought Steven was going to respond to her as childishly as she did to him on TImcast, but he didn't. So, she now knows she looks stupid, crazy and personifies the trope of the angry black woman, so she wants to backtrack and still maintain the moral high ground, and her dignity. So, she makes it seem like Steven has issues and is a troubled man, so we should pray for him. Girl please, stop using the bible to cover your craziness. It doesn't work that way girl, we see right through you.

  17. Heard about the black man beat by police from Memphis? This time it’s a black man beat by four black cops, yet the news is titled “Memphis man beat by four cops now fired”. Why is it when it’s a black victim and white cops the news cares to even mention the color of their skin?

  18. So you and at least one other person basically sat around and gossiped about Steven Crowder?? Got it 👍. And then you chose to go on your podcast and put this out to all your viewers in defense of your anger… You’ll just let everyone speculate right? I get it, “it’s not your place to say”…actually none of that was your place Candace. Please don’t stand on Christianity and honestly pretend that saying Let’s all pray for Steven makes anything prior to that ok. Gossip is really hard to resist, I get it. You should have just prayed for him.

  19. Thanks, Candace, for the Crowder update and the scripture. Everyone fails. We are human, and you humbling yourself and recognizing your flaw in this instance will help you in future situations.
    To those who are complaining about her not apologizing in this video, how would it help? If she were to apologize here, I believe it should be directly to him because he may not even see this video.
    Prayers to you Candace and Crowder.

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