Sha’Carri Richardson Suffers From Black Privilege and Gets Kicked off Flight

USA Track and Field star Sha’Carri Richardson was kicked off of an American Airlines flight after a verbal altercation with a crew member. What did that crew member do that made her angry? Ask her to stop using her phone. This is a perfect example of black . She set herself up to look like a victim when all she had to do was listen.

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42 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson Suffers From Black Privilege and Gets Kicked off Flight

  1. Some airlines allow you to take video of the takeoff and landing as long as your phone is in airplane mode. As an aviation enthusiast, I love doing that. I actually did that last time I went to Mexico to see my relatives there. If they don’t allow phones for video recording, do they allow cameras for that?

  2. Public and Private doesn't Mix, There's nothing that governs a individual wanting to leave the earth aka Die. The government has no place in the Private sector.

  3. Well done. This scenario is the exact thing that was done to the security guard at the Hilton. The filmer forced him to call the cops, and then played the victim.

  4. I guess that's what happens when you smoke cheap weed😂😂😂. Ok all jokes aside she's very immature and inconsiderate.

  5. talking and filming yourself during a safety announcement and taking offence that a flight attendant is asking her to stop… hysteric…

  6. I like how in the end she goes I'm a superstar you're just regular people and I believe she called somebody fat. That being said, I love Candice Owens beautiful, intelligent, and very eloquent. Sexy OMG 🤤

  7. I always wipe out my phone with road rage because it makes the other person stop harassing me. Then they go home thinking their going to be on tiktok. It honestly has got me out of awful situations! I honestly usually don’t record I just want them to leave me alone haha

  8. I agree with your take on her getting off the phone. As for the black privilege part, black privilegeis the one that gets you killed…. So you continue to dance for your audience which are predominantly those white privileged individuals…

  9. If you played the entire video you’d see/hear her calling a Passenger fat and telling the rest of them that she’s a superstar and they’re regular. What a shame.

  10. I'm from Switzerland and here the right to die legal, but it is very well monitored. Which means, that only after several psychiatric consultations it gets approved. Also most people who go through that procedure are sufferings from terminal illness with a lot a pain. In other words, yes I think you should have the liberty to choose but only if well monitored and of course not just because your boy or girl friend has left you.

  11. So right and thanks for showing this absurd incident. People who do the wrong thing usually know it, get all defensive and immediately try to blame someone else for their poor behaviour.

  12. I have seen a lot of examples of black/ white privilege and racism of different kinds that go in every direction you want to name.
    I used to work at a state prison that was staffed by 98% white people and about 75% of the inmates were black.
    I knew a black officer who literally on his first day was spewing all kinds of “ you people won’t discriminate against me” type of quotes. He got fired about 4 months later for physically threatening another staff person. I thought he was going to get rejected on probation for incompetence but ; no I was the highest ranking witness when he made the threat. I had a mountain of paperwork to complete because of him besides having to personally explain to the prison administration what happened. Being black had nothing to do with his termination.
    On the other side , I knew another officer who told me that he went to a racist group meeting a few nights before. I told him that these people would probably be inmates here so stay away from them. He didn’t listen. He got transferred to another prison and got involved with this group and their illegal activities. He was arrested, fired from state service and served his time in a different state.
    Some people make excuses for their failures. I’ve done that myself. Successful people fix the problems and try again. This woman gave up a long time ago and found a excuse that seems to work perfectly for her.

  13. It's just weed grows out of the ground and with all the drugs allowed on the trannies entering women sports I really don't think this is significant and the young lady should get a pass I don't find weed to be a problem but that's just me specially when everybody takes every pharmaceutical under the sun approved by the FDA. It's just weed. But she knows the rules as well so …deal with it babes. But your behavior is unacceptable in this video

  14. True Christians know that their lives are not their own.
    Their lives were purchased with an undeserved gift of such enormous value that it can never be paid back even if given all of eternity to do so…

  15. If you are an adult act like one. Your race doesn’t excuse you from the rules or laws. I hope you never compete again. Your a disgrace to your race and teammates

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