Track and Field – Finding The Best Events For You

explains choose the event that is best for you

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29 thoughts on “Track and Field – Finding The Best Events For You

  1. Track and field needs to fix the time between the 400m and 800m races.

    My best events were the 400m and 800m. But the 800m was my best event so the coach had me do the mile cuz the 400m race is too close to the 800m. After seeing me in the 4 by 4 relay dominate he finally had me do the 400m at the end of my senior year cuz i wanted a school record and i only ran a 4:44 mile which is very slow compared to a sub 2 min 800m.

    I already had the 800m school record, but wanted the 400m school record. Since i was in a division 5 league the competition was weak. I normally run 2:012:04s and win by 8-10 seconds. So instead of just getting 1st in the 400m i wanted to break the school record and go balls out. I missed it by a 0.3 seconds, but it was only my 4th 400m race. Not only did i miss out on a school record for the 400m but i ran a 2:12 800m and barely got 1st place in the 800m cuz it started literally 50 mins later and i had almost no time to rest and was very fatigued and sore.

    I just feel mid distance runners with strong 400m and 800m talent r getting fucked simply by the scheduling. Put the 400m early and the 800m later stick useless hurdles and shit in btw and make it more fair. Cuz genrally 1 mile runners run 2 miles, and 400m runners run 800m.

  2. As a Track and Field/Cross Country Athlete, I agree with everything you said, and think this video was really well done, with how well paced it was, how understandable it was, and how informative it was.

  3. I have no idea what i want too do, i joined thinking id do long distance. Because ive always enjoyed running like during school miles and stuff. But i just joined this team and the coachs say i have a sprinters body and have put me with the sprinters… THEY ARE SO FAST- i dont know how im going to reach that speed or greater so im kinda scared and embarressed when training with them.

  4. I’m just starting track and I don’t really know what I should do because I’m fast and I have pretty good endurance but I enjoy sprinting more than distance running , any suggestions?

  5. Fun, that is the word I wanted to hear. I took up hurdles and throws at age 58 ( former steeple and 800m runner ), because they looked like fun. I do multi events now. Still need to learn PV.

  6. I like running but I’m scared to wear the uniforms lol… I naturally get cold and I fear that I wouldn’t be able to wear leggings instead

  7. My Times (I’m 13)
    100m: 13.04 sec
    400m: 1 min 28 sec
    Never Done hurdles
    Mile : 7 min 42 sec ( I’m not a distance runner)
    Long Jump: 14 ft 8inch
    High Jump: 4 ft 9 inches but that was awhile ago
    I also did the Softball throw in 5th grade and got 164 feet because I’m a naturally good thrower.
    I’ve never trained for Track because Basketball has always been my main sport but what events would I be good in.

  8. hi i’m in middle school and just finished xc and i’m kinda slow but i don’t know what i should do in track. i ran 3200s and my first race was 25:24 but my last was 18:05. i also recover pretty quickly but i find it hard to sprint with out running first. does anyone have any advice?

  9. My coach has me doing 1600 meter, 400 meter relay, and 300 meter hurdles. Should I get mid distance spikes or should I get something for 300 and 400 and something for 1600?

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