April 30, 2023


29 thoughts on “April 30, 2023

  1. Ion know if speed gay or sum but something seriously wrong with him. I know he 18 but he act 12. He was straight disrespectful and weird the whole day, even dressed weird 😂.

  2. Love how the crowd goes OOOHHHHH…!!!!!
    In most cases the 2nd place finisher is the 1st one to lose but not hete. That honor goes to the 3rd place finisher.

  3. Bro i fell twice at city finals they called foul play in the 110 hurdes and i still had a good enough timr after falling in the 300h that i still went to state and fell at state both events my fauly and was fav for 4th place my senior year was the worst feeling ever

  4. going to state for 400 hurdles as a 7th grade female, super nervous since i’m the only middle schooler competing with all high schoolers but excited at the same time

  5. The guy who got last(Davonne Fossie) was my coworker for some time, I was talking to him about this race after it happened and he said he got too scared and fumbled on the biggest stage. I firmly believe that he could have made it to state if he was locked in just this was not his race.

  6. When I ran tye 400 hurdles for the first time I ended up pushing down the last one I was so tired😂😂😂…just for note I was also sick and 5foot4lol

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