Athletics Diamond League 2023 Florence BBC Coverage HD

Athletics Diamond League 2023 Florence BBC Coverage HD


25 thoughts on “Athletics Diamond League 2023 Florence BBC Coverage HD

  1. I got to watch this live in the stands in Florence and it is the first time I have been able to see my daughter run in a diamond league race! She ran in the steeplechase with some great women who she will hopefully get to race more this season and in the World Championships! We were able to see her run in Monaco because of these postings of the races. Keep it up, you make it so nice for track fans to experience the world class races. Seeing Faith Kipyegon run the world record was also a fantastic experience and being able to relive the races and watch again is so good. Femke Bol, Grant Holloway, Fred Kearly, Val Almond getting in a good throw to win the discus, the Italian shot putter and so many good performances from athletes that didn't win, but competed well. We got to cheer on all the athletes and wave an Italian Flag that the meet provided to everyone in the stands! Thank you

  2. I really love love this channel. True broke fans like us get to enjoy the whole thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    P.S: that world record by Faith Kipyegon was AMAZING!!! Goosebumps

  3. What a pleasure to witness Faith Kipyegon’s WR. An excellent run from Jess Hull too. Enjoyed this video very much and I really appreciate you posting the DL meets. Thank you! 👍🏾😃

  4. Hall was so strong athletically in this race but her hurdles were way out of sync. It's her PB so she can improve that form and her time that much more!

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