Men's 4x400m relay – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

topped off its national championship with a win in the men’s 4x400m relay with a time of 3:02.09 at the 2023 NCAA .

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27 thoughts on “Men's 4x400m relay – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. Sorry as of right now, sumner is as good over 400 as he is over 800. When he runs 1.45 I will change my mind. The guy obviously has the speed and genes. He just needs to put it together

  2. Every Razorback runner executed well. Leadoff stayed in contact. Benson's move through traffic was amazing. Owens-Delerme willingness after a heptathlon competition amazed me. Definition of team. Then Bailey running silky smooth to finish it off for gold. Very satisfying to watch well-executed races.

  3. Georgias 3rd leg screwed up. Alavamas 2nd leg screwed up. This race is dictated by the last 50 of the 400m. D9nt challenge on the curve, especially if you arent that far off pace.

  4. Woo pig Sooie! Forget about Tuohy and forget about Bowling!!
    The Real Champs are Arkansas!!! Adding another 10 points to a 20 point lead!!!! 😁

  5. looked like Bowling started to pass baton at 44.2 and was completely done with the exchange and off the track at 45 flat and GA anchor split at sub 45 too Crazy tough day of running at the top

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