Men's 800m – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

After a protest, Texas’ won the men’s 800m in 1:46.02 at the 2023 championships. Mississippi State’s originally won the race in 1:45.90 but was disqualified after a protest for flagrantly impeding as they crossed the finish line. Watch the full race here.

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45 thoughts on “Men's 800m – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. I love track and ran the 800 for a long time. Big fan of track, but DQ’ing him was such a p*ssy move. It will keep this sport un-watched for years to come

  2. В Красной майке нарушил правила! Гад такой, хотел обогнать того, в Чëрной майке! Убивать за такое надо! Сразу! На месте!

  3. Navasky stepped on the gas too soon . he probably was trying to get the record instead of focusing on the win. He will be the one to beat in the outdoor season

  4. Intentional or not, Anderson screwed-up. The dq is accurate. The saddest thing to me is that Anderson had no need to move from Lane 1. He would have won if he kept his head, and stayed in his lane.

  5. I'm amazed at his ability to not let fatigue affect his judgement of the lanes until he was being caught near the end. Absolute beast. I'd never be able to see straight under those conditions.

  6. Good, if he had only gone into lane 2 that’s be one thing, but into lane 3/4 in the span of 20 meters is obviously impressment. There’s a difference between defending your position by slow and gradual push outwards and blatantly cutting someone off. Good DQ, maybe he’ll have learned his lessons

  7. Going to be real knit picky here but it seems to me that the DQ was due to the abrupt run out to lane 3 in the home stretch. Based on the rule cited though, that does not seem to be the case. The rule cited was 7.5-3a which implies that this was not due to the lane drift as 7.5-3b or maybe even 7.5-3c(can't remember which off the top of my head) more explicitly denotes. Based on the cited rule, seems that the implication was the sort of flailing towards the finish was what ultimately DQ'd him. I just find that very strange that this is the cited rule on the results.

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