Men's mile – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

One of four Washington Huskies competing in the men’s mile final, finished first with a time of 4:03.33. Watch the full race here.

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36 thoughts on “Men's mile – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. So, the championships were run at 5,300 feet. I see we learned nothing from the Mexico Olympics concerning either sprints/jumps, which should have been considered wind aided, or distance.

  2. I was a little frustrated with how the Oregon guy was obviously changing pace to keep the Washington guy on the outside, but then Washington just boxed everyone in and raced (albiet with team tactics) , but for me as a spectator, ruined the race. I understand it, but I think it kills the competition for me. They do it in cycling all the time. Form a wall, let your guy get ahead with a gap. Push the pace just enough to keep people behind you, etc.

    I miss the old days of cycling before everyone had a computer and power meters. I fear that track is headed the same direction

  3. Nine runners. Talk about one, over and over. Too much color commentary! Just describe the dynamics of the race. Often commentary lags moves made.

  4. If Basten was in Essayi's spot at 100m to go, on the outside of lane 1 swinging wide for the finish, he would have won. You can see him lose momentum at about 75 meters to go from whatever dude was right in front of him

  5. I have now seen 2 races from essayi and completely unimpressed by both of them. Winning conference is one thing but winning ncaa's is another. Hopefully things change this outdoor season

  6. Four UW in the final? Shocked at that. Did not know that UW was that good.

    How is the field not good enough to get a sub 4 time? There really needs to be incentives or something to get people actually pushing and kicking themselves rather than it being just vs. a field.

  7. This UW team is insane. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Loved following them all season. All 8 of their top guys under 4 at least twice in the same race! That's crazy. Then they come here and send 6 guys to indoors and 4 guys from the same team to the final. Ridiculous. I've never heard of dominance like this in a single event before. (if anyone has similar examples though please tell me i'd love to see it) I'm a sprinter, and a mile is about the longest race i can stand to watch in one sitting if it's fast. And boy do these 8 keep it fast. Go dawgs!

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