Sha'Carri Richardson is BACK

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29 thoughts on “Sha'Carri Richardson is BACK

  1. Hopefully she’s back I wish she would run through the tape and stop celebrating he times would be better, but any who let’s hope she’s back to give the Jamaican a run for there money!!

  2. If she doesn't 🔥 burn out & peak to quickly & then be about the business of getting her drive going 🛫forward at full speed around the 40 or 45 meter mark instead of reaching her max at about the 60 meter mark,👉"IF" she can get that straight I believe the record is hers for real talk right along with her greatest "WIN" of all.Amen 🙏 !!!

  3. Nope her ass can’t never run through the tape she too busy worried about what people gotta say and tryna turn up rather than using her talent to solidify herself as the goat she just not mature enough for it plain and simple.

  4. If Sha'Carri is going to assume a spot among the elite female sprinters in the world, then now is her time. With the Worlds coming in August and the Olympic Games in Paris next year, she will never have a better opportunity to complete her comeback, silence critics and put USA women's sprinting on the map again…all in one fell swoop.

  5. Keep Grinding And Keep Shining Keep Smiling Keep Your Eyes On The Prize ❤️ World Championships And Olympic Medals 🥇🏆💯🔥🔥 Never Give Up Never Give In And Definitely Never Settle For Less 💯 Keep Up The Amazing Work Of Excellence And True Essence 💯❤️ Shine Your Light 💯 Shine Your Light On The World 💯 Shine Your Light For The World To See 🙏💕🙏💯❤️ You Got This Sha'Carri ❤️💯 You Got This 👋😇💯❤️ Just Do It 🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆💯 Shine Bright Like A Diamond You Greatly Shine Beautifully Under Pressure 💯🏆🥇Most Definitely 💯 Show Them The Results Of Hard Work Purpose Driven Focused Determined Persistent Tough Fierce And Fearless Passionate Ready And Worthy Dedication Hard Work Consistency And Driven Discipline And Training With A Physical Mental And Spiritually Balanced And Fit Mindset With The Heart Of A Champion Inside Out 💯❤️🙏💕🙏🏆🥇❤️💕

    She's Better Stronger Faster And Definitely Wiser 💯🔥🏆🥇🔥 With The Fire And Desire To Accomplish And Achieve 💯 To Become Triumphant And Victorious 💯❤️🙏💕🙏 Blessed And Thankful And Appreciative And Ready 💯❤️

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