Women's 5000m final – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

’s Katelyn Tuohy won the at the 2023 indoor championships with a time of 16:09.65. Watch the full race here.

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47 thoughts on “Women's 5000m final – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. It amazes me watching her run. If you watch closely you notice there is very little twisting motion in her upper body. Her arms seem to be going straight forward and back and not crossing in front of her. It’s just an amazing fluid motion and it seems to save a lot of energy and helps her not fight for balance as much as it appears some of the other women do. It seems that if your upper body and arms twist in motion you have to fight just a little to maintain balance and forward motion thereby using just a little more energy in every stride. You just don’t see such a fluid motion as you see in Katlyn’s stride very often.

  2. it seems she always crosses the line with more left in the tank than anyone else. Cracks me up the way she meets and greets the others as they stumble in. Her race performance frequently reminds me of the famous line of the race announcer in Secretariat's Belmont as he stretched out his unheard of lead: "He's moving like a tremendous machine!"

  3. Why oh why oh why have championships at altitude? We want to see competitions at different elevations, yes, but not for the championship. We wanna see record breaking runs for championships.

  4. It’s just plain God given talent with hard work. Only few individual in this world is blessed with this ability. God bless you Katelyn.Congratulations!

  5. What crack in the door or window are you talking about? Wasn't Katelyn Tuohy already up front. How about increased her speed or hit the go button or turned it up a notch. Found a crack?

  6. Nice race for KT. Don’t know why the ladies who are not doubling back in 3k not pushing the pace after 2k. Great strategy for KT, bad strategy for the others

  7. I will state right off the bat "I hate running, I love watching others run." I have watched every Katelyn running video, some more than twice, since I came across her exploits in high school. I biggest difference I have noticed is her stride, its rhythm is consistent start to finish. Most runners seem to get a bit choppy near the end of longer races, Katelyn doesn't. I will continue to watch running instead of doint it lol.

  8. Does anyone else wonder/worry about whether Tuohy is running too much? Why do a distance double at this level? It's not high school. You don't run a thoroughbred champion into the ground. Wouldn't it be better to run selectively and preserve her body? They held her back a bit at the start of the cross country season, but she ran the 2nd half of the season hard and immediately went into a rigorous indoor season, and now this 5K/3K double plan, and probably headed after this straight into a lot or competing outdoors. This is a girl with major pro potential. I just wonder if her running this hard year round will cost her in the long run?

  9. Amazing how the NCAA record is 15:12 and these women were close to minute off of it???? That must be a pretty decent time and might not be broken for a while, at least not by the current group of women running…

  10. Slower pace would just benefit her more, she has a great kick. And would even benefit her more since she didnt use a lot of energy. Tomorrow will be interesting

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