Sha’Carri Richardson 10.75 World Junior & NCAA Record – 2019 NCAA Outdoor Championships

The freshman phenom displays sound sprint mechanics late in the race to take down Dawn Sowell’s record.


44 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson 10.75 World Junior & NCAA Record – 2019 NCAA Outdoor Championships

  1. 'Carri, when you get back on your grind, do me a favor…talk all the smack you can! You are a 10.55-10.48 waiting to happen…you'll be alright baby, take a deep breath, rediscover your inner-bitch, and bring the gold back to America.

  2. 10.75
    Best in collegiate history
    Well considering that’s a whole Olympic medal placing time I bet it did break the record

  3. LSU the joke was almost on you but you sent her away before the NCAA could investigate. Now she done went pro and what do you know, her last race she came in last place. Now pay attention and listen, one thing I like to mention she’ll never run a 10.75 or a 10.9 because on the pro level that shit bet not be in her system.

  4. Sorry, but when I see these guys start 'celebrating' or ease up the last 5 meters Im just thinking ' What an Idiot " ….. a super athletically talented idiot …..even Bolt did it often … like running full out another 5 meters is going to make a difference on anything in the finals– just makes them look small minded and dumb frankly …. dumb people can run fast ….

  5. Coming back to this after the 2019 World Championships and looking back. Many Jamaicans hated seeing this race and seeing Sha'Carri because she represents a true threat to their beloved queen SAFP. I can't tell you how many Jamaicans I spoke to expressed deep and serious dislike toward this young lady. If she had not stupidly celebrated before crossing the line, she would have run a 10.7 or maybe even a 10.69. They have so much jealousy of this girl.

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