Something Wild Just Happened In The 200 Meters || 2023 NCAA East Prelims

One of the fastest times we’ve ever seen.
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37 thoughts on “Something Wild Just Happened In The 200 Meters || 2023 NCAA East Prelims

  1. Both Gregory and Orogot are great…Boling can improve but barely "makes the Podium"…even if he does….at best I'd say #3 in the 200m at this point. A few others at his level but less consistent.

  2. For those curious, here are the top 20 qualifying times between East/West adjusted for wind:
    These times look much more competitive compared to last year.

    19.83 Robert Gregory

    20.05 Courtney Lindsey

    20.06 Kennedy Lightner

    20.11 Udodi Onwuzurike

    20.15 Javonte Harding

    20.19 Shaun Maswanganyi

    20.22 Tarsis Orogot

    20.24 Amir Willis

    20.24 Isaiah Trousil

    20.28 Alaba Akintola

    20.30 Terrence Jones

    20.36 Cameron Miller

    20.39 David Dunlap

    20.45 Jacory Patterson

    20.45 Austin Kresley

    20.46 Matthew Boling

    20.51 Dorian Camel

    20.52 Ismael Kone

    20.52 Carlon Hosten

    20.60 Kamden Jackson

  3. No offense, TRP, but a record or performance best whether lifetime, seasonal or otherwise in ANY sanctioned race, can ONLY be achieved under LEGAL conditions in which the athlete achieves their result by his or her own effort with the LEAST amount of assistance by environmental factors within the prescribed legal limits as set forth by WA. Any environmental factors aiding performance outside these legal limits invalidates that performance COMPLETELY for record or personal best purposes. Robert Gregory's 19.60 does NOT qualify as a "massive all time best" b/c it was achieved with an ILLEGAL tailwind of +4.8 m/s (10.7373 mph) which is above the LEGAL limit of +2.0 m/s (4.47 mph), invalidating that time for ANY record or performance best purposes. Also when calculating the corrected time for the 200 meters which is run around a curve you must not only adjust for wind but also elevation for barometric pressure and the lane which the athlete is running from to account for centrifugal force which varies from lane to lane. Gregory's time when corrected for all these factors actually comes to 19.83(6) seconds. But even this corrected time is NOT valid and is only a calculated estimate. Please stop over hyping illegally wind assisted times by calling them personal or all time bests. They are NOT. They are invalid illegal times.

  4. Gregory 100-200: 9.17 (only behind Blake 9.12 (19.26) all-conditions).. huge tailwind of course, however still incredible speed

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