The Real Reason Sha'Carri Richardson Isn't Going To The Olympics

Watch the to learn the real reason Sha’Carri Richardson isn’t going to The !

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23 thoughts on “The Real Reason Sha'Carri Richardson Isn't Going To The Olympics

  1. It's good for all the good black folks in the games. They don't want crack heads allowed in the game when they stick to the strict rules of the world.

  2. The bottom line is she was punished twice for the same offense, she was suspended by the IOC for 30 days for the weed violation, she missed the 100 understandably, however her suspension ended in time to run the relay yet the USATF decided to run athletes that she defeated soundly hiding behind a lame excuse saying they wanted to be fair to those who worked hard to get there as though she didn’t also work hard.

  3. Okay she weeded herself out! The Prefontaine Classics are coming up! I'll bet she's concocting a scheme to slither out of the upcoming games!!

    Knowing she will be 🇯🇲JAMINATED by ETH and company she's feverishly trying to slither her way out!!

    Speed kills, resistance is futile, and all will be

  4. Question is was there other substances also detected from the test that showed up the cannabis . Is this why she was not a part of the US 4×1 team for fear that it would likely be detected in the test that she would be given to her during the Olympic games Because if so and banned substance was discovered the whole team would have been disqualified and any medal won would have been redistributed . Politics is the biggest science and the US Olympic Org which supervises their programme is a political body . Why if someone disagrees with another person they are haters , criticizing something or someones action is not hating them or it , some times this can make one look into themselves and become a better person , by correcting attitude and behavour , wishing Miss Richardson all the best in her carare and life you are still young .

  5. Double the bummer! Sad someone's distant BIOLOGICAL MOTHER PASSED AWAY but the Olympics is a once in a life time opportunity. Throwing away this opportunity in trade for drugs a slam to all athletes everywhere since drug testing has started. She's an idiot! Sought Drugs instead of what most professional athletes choose. Oh Well. Glad someone else got the Golden Ticket and Brought back the Silver 4×100 medal and Golden 4×400 medal. Forever known as the could've been Olympian. Hope she sets better goals in life.

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