Who Ran The Fatest?? Sha'Carri Richardson 10.57 +4.1 w/s Or Aleia Hobbs 10.87 +2.0 w/s

Track and field 2023
Sha’Carri Richardson 10.57
Aleia Hobbs 10.87
Women 100m


11 thoughts on “Who Ran The Fatest?? Sha'Carri Richardson 10.57 +4.1 w/s Or Aleia Hobbs 10.87 +2.0 w/s

  1. According to World Athletics and their points scoring system Sha'carri and her 10.57 is the world leader , 1271points Sha'carri, 1228 points Hobbs..

  2. People are so concerned with how fast the wind is blowing how fast someone’s going the wind was blowing for every other participant in that race in any other ways were wind is a factor.

  3. The wind is nothing compared to winning a race, do you think they’ll sponsor concern with the wind speed? They’re concerned with wins and advertising their products quit being stupid. You know this whole thing has nothing to do with nothing, except for money in the pockets of sponsors, and in the pocket of the athletes.

  4. For me, it’s obvious Sha’Carri is in faster shape than Aleia today. In that Texas 4×100, Sha’Carri got the baton before Sha’Carri, who got it in fourth place, and was closing down on Aleia. This weekend, no matter which way we slice it, Sha’Carri out performed by illegal and legal time by far, and the separation between Sha’Carri and the absolute best in America aside from Aleia shows Sha’Carri is on a whole different level right now. Shacarri and the Jamaicans are all looking to be at that same level many steps above most others.

    Also, I loved aleia’s race. She got out fast and had a very smooth acceleration, pulling away more and more. This is what it appeared to me Elaine’s strategy was last year, but she hasn’t quite mastered it. Elaine is doing tons like FloJo, and has also commented about how smooth FloJo’s race is. I saw this achieved in Aleia this weekend, and if Aleia keeps progressing with that plan of execution, she may be more a contender than we thought!

  5. Yes, I agree with your analysis on this topic. Just one additional note that Sha'Carri also pulled up 7m-10m before the finish line. Meaning she would have had a better time. i.e., 10.50 or less.

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