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The number one question I get asked all the time as a professional sprinter is: how do i get faster? My usual response is that I am not a coach so unfortunately I can’t give technical advice and you’d be better off finding a good local track club in your area who can help you specifically.

Instead of repeating this over and over, I decided to make a video with 6ix tips that I used myself or wish I used when I started that will you help you get faster when you’re beginning!

I love to give back to the track nation community, so let me know if you found these tips useful in the comments

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29 thoughts on “6ix Running Tips for Beginners || Improve your Track & Field Practices || Aaron Kingsley Brown

  1. i had my first practice today and felt really discouraged when i saw everyone else was passing me when we were doing sprints :/ so i didn’t do well but i’m trying to stay optimistic because maybe i can get better. thanks for the great advice!

  2. My first track meet was a few days ago. I get super overwhelmed and anxious really easily. I'm new to the sport, so I'm not great, but the track meet was on the first borderline hot day. I was doing a mile. I'd never run in the heat, so I got really tired. Also, I'm recovering from some leg problems that we think are caused by hypermobility, so I was in pain. I was really behind everyone and people started cheering to try to encourage me, which made my anxiety worse and I had a panic attack. I did finish the race though. I'm trying to get better because my next track meet is in less than a week, and I want to be a little better than last time. Baby steps, right?

  3. I have football tryouts for u16 in 30 days and there’s no track but I been going outside and been doing so much research trying to up my speed, timed suicides, jogged suicides,plyometrics, learned that key component is applying as much force as you can atleast for 10 meters for your acceleration, I’ve been told I was so slow last football season after not playing for 4 years I use to be one of the fastest but last year made me realize how much covid depleted my speed, do you think if I keep going at this rate I’ll become way faster within the 30 days?

  4. Great tips, I have just set up a podcast and YouTube channel. I will help 1 to 2 runners and share their journey on the podcast. Also I will will interview some experienced runners also. Really like your channel. Any tips will be welcomed.

  5. I'm going to be helping a girl who is just starting track this year. I've been in track for about 4-5 years now, which is one of the reasons why I'm helping her (that and her and my mum are friends). I haven't been in amazing shape and my allergies really set me back. We meet this weekend. This video really helped and inspired me, and I think it will do the same to her.

  6. I joined track club a few days ago nd i run very hard in only 20 Mins please tell me something how i increase my stamina so that i can run last longer nd 1 more problm i have faced during running is i feel stomach pain while running that's why i have to stop nd run only between 2-3 km waiting for your opinion

  7. I’ve never done track before, the most experience I have with running was soccer and I stopped a year ago. I’m going into my freshman year now and I was planning on getting a trainer to condition in the fall season. I guess we’ll see how it goes 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. I will do this
    I also play Football, but i want to take track serious now
    I never were there because of Football but now i will take it seriously and work Hard
    I'm 15 and here my Times:
    100m: 11,04
    200m: 23,03
    Is this good?

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