‘DISHEARTENING’: Athlete who lost over 20 times to trans women sues CT

Former athlete Chelsea Mitchell and her attorney Christiana Kiefer joined ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss her ongoing lawsuit against the state of Connecticut over its transgender policy. #foxbusiness

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39 thoughts on “‘DISHEARTENING’: Athlete who lost over 20 times to trans women sues CT

  1. These little girls have to stop crying about losing in girl sports with these meaningless lawsuits. No one cares about female athletics. If these girls want to win, they need to train harder and obtain more girl muscle. With more girl muscle, a seasoned female athlete will win against weaker biological men. Spending their time training instead of crying about losing will help them build the character that they will need later on in their lives.

    Unfairness is part of life. Whoever said life was fair? Quit crying about having to compete against biological men and train harder than them to beat them. Quit acting like victims and like you were robbed. No one robbed you of anything. There is no record to set straight or a score to settle. You had your shot and it is time for you to move on with your life.

  2. More strong women need to stand brave, STRONG and together.
    It must be all states that ban so called men in women's sports. Because a real man wouldn't be doing it. They are not real women or real men.

  3. SUE, and I hope you win this case!!
    So much for Woman's Rights!!
    These boys/men CAN'T BEAT real Males, so now Identify as Female, WITH A WIENER, and win Competitions!!!

  4. Answer this – what can women do to address the unfair difference of competing against men? (i refuse any argument that they are women, so don’t bother). They can do nothing, which is why male and female sports have separate classes in the first place. It is cheating plain and simple, so no they should not and it shouldn’t even be a question or even a consideration. Men are men whatever they think, wear, or do to their genitalia.

  5. If it was truly "fair" how come we never see Men complaining that women keep going trans and stealing all of their trophies? Why is it always women complaining that men are doing it? Why hasn't a female went trans and stolen the men's swim record in retaliation? What they should do is go trans and then take the weight lifting record from the men. That would be even better!

  6. 4:18, thank you for being a normal person and saying “ what did the boys run “ besides saying like a person with head damage “ what did the trans run “. Like the video after that, that’s for being normal

  7. Interesting cos I've read she has also beaten them in some competitions few years ago. Or maybe the trans just let her win because of the issue 🤷‍♂️

  8. So much for women's rights. Sorry to all the young ladies out there that train hard, work hard, suffer for their passion.
    It has been decided you don't matter. A boy that feels like a girl matters more than anything in the universe.

  9. She wins the moral victory but that doesn't do her justice. She should have never had to compete against teenage boys. What is the point of seperating competition by boys and girls, men and women if a dude in a dress can compete in either division. All the fighting for rights, equality and suffarage that women had to fight for for so long just to have men put on skirts and some crazy leftist nut jobs who could apparently follow the made up bs rona and twackcine science but can't comprehend basic biology come force this down everyone's throat. Quite litteraly stripping away what it means to be a woman and redefining it to mean something they can't fully articulate litteraly setting women back decades and stripping away one of the last things they had left that was truly theirs. All of those records all of the championships and titles taken away with and new seemingly impossible standards being forced on them. I stand with women on this. A boy can do all he wants to look like a girl, he can look like a girl, he can identify as a girl, be treated like a girl, he can try to act like a girl but at the end of the day he is still biologically a boy. That boy can never actually be a girl or woman biologically, genetically, sure you can tweek the hormones but there the main reason he can never be a girl is a combination of mentally, psychologically, emotionally and intellectually. He can only be a boy's/man's vision, interpretation or ideal of what a girl/woman is and that is not the same. I'm not bashing them. God bless them. Honestly sexist straight guys that have those old school beliefs of how a woman should act, behave etc. would likely be more satisfied with them. What an upside down world we live in. Leave your sanity at the door and forget about it.

  10. Yea,good for her. Even many in the trans community who get the science,biology of the difference between male born biologically are stronger than female biologically born in many ways psysically,as in wartime its so clear.

  11. It breaks my heart knowing that these young ladies works as hard as they do and for a issue there is no test to see if a person is who they say they are ! There is a test to see if some is male or female and there is also bone structure that clearly indicates male or female! I have no issues with people living the life they want! Now in saying that if the trans community wants to compete, start a league and fight that way! You are forcing women to accept when they have already fought this battle! If you truly believe you were a woman then you would get it! To shut this down quickly have a real man for one competition come in and compete just claiming he wanted to be a woman for a Day and let the two compete and will see how quickly the trans woman would complain about a man being in the sport! You do what women had done a lot of sweat and tears to create there own league! They didn’t just take it , the worked for what they earned! God bless this young lady and all who are going through this!

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